DIY Thanksgiving “Give Thanks” Tree with Command Brand

We have a wonderful way to show your attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving.  Create and display a DIY “Give Thanks” Tree – it’s a fun activity for your holiday guests, especially the little ones; and it’s a festive decoration for your celebration!


  • Invite children to gather skinny sticks and twigs from your yard or park with no leaves; you’ll need a bunch to create your Thanksgiving Tree.
  • Once you have collected enough, lay them out on the floor to create the shape of a tree.
  • When you have a shape you like, transfer it to an empty wall space in your home – we used an existing built-in bookcase here and simply removed the shelves creating an alcove.
  • Adhere each branch to the wall using   Command™ Brand Clear Fridge Clips.
  • Then, place pre-cut “leaves” made from colored construction paper near the tree and invite the family (and/or guests at your Thanksgiving celebration) to write what they’re thankful for on each leaf.
  • Finish off your “Thanksgiving” Tree by attaching the leaves to the wall with CommandBrand Clear Fridge Clips.   You can use one clip for a couple of leaves. This will create a full and colorful tree that shows your attitude of gratitude!

Note: After the holiday, remove the clips from the wall and follow the Command™ damage-free, stress release technology package and send them home as favors.


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Disclosure:  We were paid to develop ideas using Command™ Brand Clear products. We were not compensated for for this blog post and have adapted the images from 3M for our readers.




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