Drop Dead Diva – Season 3 Premiere Party Tips!

The 3rd season of Drop Dead Diva kicks off this weekend and it’s a great opportunity for a Divalicious party! It’s full of sizzle and surprises plus, Paul Abdul, LeAnn Rimes, Mario Lopez and Wendy Williams!

Invite your gal pals over for a night of sweet treats and Drop Dead Diva. Serve ‘Cupcakes and Cocktails” – the  perfect food for the Divas in your life.  Before you watch, play your favorite tunes and set the mood to mingle and catch up, then sit down and enjoy the show!

NEW RECIPES! Recipe for Margarita Cupcakes> –   Recipe for Sparkling Margarita>

The Scoop:

Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva season 2 finale left us all wondering if, finally, the two soul mates, Deb and Grayson, would be reunited. If you haven’t tuned into this fun and flirty show with a soul (actually one too many souls), it revolves around the untimely demise of an up and coming model, Deb, who dies in a car accident. When Deb gets to heaven, she hits “the return button” which sends her back to earth and into the body of Jane, a successful attorney, as Jane is dying. One of the most entertaining things about the lead character, Jane, is how she embodies characteristics of these diametrically opposed women, Jane and Deb. Brooke Elliott, in the title role carries this challenge off superbly.

So, Deb finds herself trying to accept that she must leave her old life behind and find a way to exist in Jane’s life and body, which are quite different from those she knew – although Deb sure does love Jane’s “brain power”. Deb gets a bit of help from her guardian angel, Fred, and eventually her former best friend, Stacy. To make things even more complicated (and interesting), Jane/Deb must work alongside her fiancé, Grayson. While she yearns to reunite with him, Deb is bound to the secret that she is actually his former fiancé, and, therefore, must settle for the strong friendship that develops between Jane and Grayson.

In the season 2 finale, Jane/Deb finally decides she is not going to continue to put her life on hold any longer and she is going to reveal to Grayson that she is Deb. If only it were that easy. Several major roadblocks drop out of the heavens, leaving Jane/Deb heartbroken. The episode ends with an accident and Grayson unconscious; as he awakes for a moment to Jane kneeling over him, he looks at her and says “Deb?” So the cliffhanger leaves us wondering what Grayson’s fate will be. Can he see Deb because he’s dying or is he just delirious? We also have to ask, did Fred, Jane’s guardian angel, have a hand in the accident – he did warn Jane that there’s a rule against revealing the secret that she is actually Deb…

Well, the Season 3 premiere of Drop Dead Dive doesn’t waste any time recapping season 2, so if you missed the finale, catch up before the premiere on June 19th at 9pm est, http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/drop-dead-diva/video.  You can also check out the trailer above with some highlights from the cliffhanger and some teasers for the premiere.

This series brings back the enchanting and entertaining characters who make Sunday summer nights sparkle with this always “soulful” show. Joining the party in the season premiere are Paula Abdul, LeAnn Rimes and Mario Lopez. You know at Party Bluprints, we are always up for a good party. Drop Dead Diva serves it up on Sunday nights making it the perfect excuse to gather your gal pals for a Girls’ Night In. Cheers to another season of Drop Dead Diva!

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  1. I am looking forward to the new season of Drop Dead Diva. I will have my Sparkling Margarita in hand.

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