Easy DIY Graduation Centerpiece!

Planning a graduation party?  Need to pay for college when it’s over? You will love this idea for a Graduation Party Centerpiece!

Here’s a truly inexpensive and easy to make centerpiece for your graduation celebration.  It makes a cool decoration for the table, entry way or anywhere else you need to spread some celebratory cheer.  Plus, nothing is wasted, because you can eat most of it when the party is over!


  • Rectangular vase (this one is 12″ h x 6″ w)
  • Yearbook
  • Tassle
  • Red Delicious apples
  • Granny Smith apples
  • Oversized keys


  • Fill vase with red apples and top with yearbook.
  • Attach tassle to center of cover and sit apple right on top to cover where you attached it.
  • Decorate around base of vase with an oversized set of keys (signifies “keys to grad’s future”) and green apples.


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