Easy DIY Summer Floral Centerpiece

Al_fresco_table_ centerpeice

Amp Up Your Al Fresco Table!

Just because you’re dining al fresco doesn’t mean you can’t make your table look special. A simple and affordable way to create a focal point on your summer table is to take an existing lantern you have around the house, remove the candle and sub in a vase and flowers. We love how the large green leaves on the hydrangea add another pop of color and richness to the arrangement.

Here are our quick step-by-step instructions to recreate this special summer centerpiece for your next get-together. (Inside tip: we used fresh flowers from the supermarket to affordably create an arrangement that looks like it came from the florist.)

Lantern Floral Centerpiece


  • Cylindrical glass lantern*
  • Tall cylinder vase that fits inside lantern*
  • 4 white hydrangea stems
  • 5 yellow spider mums
  • 6 coral roses


  1. Carefully insert glass vase inside glass cylinder housing of lantern. Fill glass vase ¾ with water.
  2. Cut hydrangea to height of vase (you want the bottom of the blossoms to just skim the top of your container.) Insert hydrangea into vase.
  3. Cut spider mums so they stand slightly taller than the hydrangea, remove all the leafs that will be submerged in water and insert mums into the center of the vase, gently pushing hydrangea to perimeter.
  4. Cut roses to same height as mums and remove leaves that will be submerged in water, insert intermittently throughout mums.


*We used a lantern that was 13.5” H x 6” D and glass cylinder vase that was 12”H x 4” D.


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