Easy Easter Party Treats For The Kids!



This Easter think about trying a different take on the Candy Bars that are hugely popular at kids parties.  Sweets are a must for Easter in our house.  If they are in your home too, you don’t need to cut them out entirely – just mix in some healthier options too.  When they are served in a fun presentation, you’ll be surprised how kids will eat both!

I created the table above as a Kids’ Treats Table for Easter (but really this idea works for any celebration).  Elizabeth came up with an inexpensive and fun centerpiece using carrots (directions here>) and it was the inspiration for the color theme.  We find sticking to one or two colors on the table creates more impact and will attract the kids.  Another great tip for kids tables is to make sure to keep them low, so that kids can reach and help themselves.  This is not only great for the kids but parents too.   Also serve food in individual portions so little ones can grab and go and make sure food is age appropriate.  I get very nervous when I see candy or dessert tables at parties for young children that include small items they can choke on.  The jelly beans on my table above are not appropriate for young ones.  Also, make sure you take into consideration allergies and label food that may be an issue.

Here are some food suggestions for a “green and orange” color theme.

GREEN: celery sticks, snap peas, honeydew melon, green grapes (cut in half for little ones)

ORANGE: carrots sticks, cantaloupe, cheddar cheese, oranges/tangerines/clementines



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  1. So excited to host an Easter Brunch this year thanks to your great suggestions! I just bought my fresh carrots with the tops to display….LOVE that idea! Thanks girls!

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