Effortless Holiday Entertaining – Party Idea!


Here’s a great idea for hosting a get-together that’s loads of fun and less stress (and money too!)  Just because it’s the holiday, doesn’t mean you have to host an open house or formal sit down dinner. Quite the contrary, it means you need to slow down, and enjoy the true meaning of the season. Spend time with those you love and be thankful for good friends and family by celebrating with them.

 Entertaining can be effortless with the right plan in place.  It’s easy to host after the dinner hour.  Invite guests to come at 8 pm and stay till midnight!  Then…


Prosecco is an Italian wine – generally a dry sparkling wine – made from a variety of white grapes of the same name.  The name is derived from the northern Italian village of Prosecco, where the grape is believed to have originated. Unlike most Champagne, Prosecco does not improve with aging and should be consumed within six months to a year of it’s purchase date. It tends to be dryer than many Champagnes and a good bottle will run you around $15 verses much more for Champagne. When shopping for this wine, keep in mind that extra dry Prosecco is actually sweeter than brut.  Our pick:  Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene Prosecco


Pick up donuts, and serve them to your guests with the Prosecco. Many cultures believe that anything in the shape of a ring is good luck because it symbolizes “coming full circle”, completing a year’s cycle. Further, the Dutch believe that eating doughnuts on New Year’s Day will bring good fortune.  Donuts are fun and festive and who doesn’t like them!  Also offer salty snacks like pretzels, nuts and crackers for noshing.


Play games for fun!  They’re not just for kids, the adults love them too – in fact you should play them together.  Games like Charades, Pictionary, Scatagories, Taboo, or a good old fashion game of Monopoly are a great way to enjoy time together.



Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post, however Party Bluprints Inc. has received gifted product from Santa Margherita Terlato Wines.


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