Endive Pinwheels – A Perfect Party Appetizer from the “Kids Who Cook” Series!

photo credit: Christian DeBlis

We are going to start a new series here at the Partybluprints Blog.  Recently, I was speaking with my dear friend Pam about her nephew Christian.  Christian, a 16 year old dynamo in the kitchen has taken over the role of cook in his home. He has a natural affinity and talent for preparing delicious dishes and inventing some of his own!   Christian agreed to share one of his original recipes with us here and he will kick off this new series which will feature kids, tweens and teens that ROCK in the kitchen.

I love this party appetizer from Christian. To put it in his words, it’s simple and quick to make and I would add that it’s special and delicious to serve.  Hope you give it a try and enjoy. Cheers to Christian for a perfect party appetizer!

ENDIVE PINWHEELS – recipe by Christian DeBlis

  • 6 spears of Belgin endive
  • 2 containers Rondele or Boursin herbed cheese
  • 1 small container ricotta cheese
  • walnuts or pignoli nuts (I recommend pignoli nuts because if the skin on the walnuts isn’t fully removed it can add an unwanted bitterness)
  • extra virgin olive oil or walnut oil
  • lemon juice
  1. Trim root ends of endive. Carefully remove each individual leaf and reserve. As you get closer to the center you may have to trim the root end further. Reserve the smallest leaves for another purpose.
  2. Mix together the cheeses, it should become a spreadable texture. Coat the insides of the leaves with a scant teaspoon of the cheese mixture. After all the leaves have been coated, re essemble the endive spear. You may want to put more cheese into the cut end when the spear has been assembled. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and chill for several hours.
  3. Remove plastic, and slice sideways into 1/4 inch slices. Arrange five slices on a small plate, top with your choice of toasted nuts, and dress with a vinaigrette made with your choice of extra virgin olive oil or walnut oil with lemon juice and salt and pepper.


If you have or know a Kid Who Cooks, contact us at info@partybluprints.com so we can feature them and their party recipe!

6 Responses to Endive Pinwheels – A Perfect Party Appetizer from the “Kids Who Cook” Series!

  1. That is an amazingly sophisticated recipe for such a young chef. It looks delicious! I look forward to following your career, Christian –

  2. Dawn…those pinwheels look yummy…i will try them for sure. And the Kids Who Cool looks like a winning series for sure!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog…it means a lot…i am a party girl at heart… XOXOX

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