Leather and Lace – Fall 2013 Party Looks


Fall For Leather and Lace!

An unusual combination has taken fashion to whole new level of elegance this season. Top designers are introducing leather and lace in their fall collections; and this is a trend you will want to embrace.  Now, it’s not only for the young and edgy fashionistas, it’s a fashion staple.  Featured above are two looks that work for all women. Karen Kane gets is so right with this elegant lace look that’s cool without being over the top.  The line has several pieces, plus fabulous faux leather pants too!   New Fall 2013 Karen Kane arrivals – visit here>
CAbi has also included the trend in several amazing pieces as part of their fall line-up.  Each piece has the look of leather, called fleather, but is more comfortable and affordable to wear.  Fleather Fashion from CAbi –  visit here>


 So go for it and rock a new party look this fall!



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