Pumpkin and Squash Dip Containers

Make it fun and fabulous this fall when you entertain.  Fill a small pumpkin or winter squash with dip at your next party. It’s a pretty presentation for holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving or events like tailgates and picnics.

It only takes a few minutes and dollars to create this natural dip holder.   Just cut a circle in the top of  a small winter squash/pumpkin around the stem and remove the pieces.  Then scoop out a cavity large enough to hold the desired amount of dip.  Line the inside with some plastic wrap so your dip doesn’t soak in and the flavor of your dip stays true.  Fill with cavity with your dip or salsa and you’re done. These are great for tailgates and picnics because you when it’s time to go you can throw everything away – no packing up a bunch of containers to bring back home.

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