Transition Your Table For Fall


It’s that time of year again.  September is truly a transitional month, when we’re thinking fall but feeling summer.  When it comes to your table, summer decor is really out and it’s definitely too early to pull out the  pine cones and pumpkins!  However it is time to switch your color palate from light and bright to neutral.  A great tip is to look out your window and use the colors you see outside, browns, greens and maybe a splash of yellow.


Here’s an idea I employ all year round because, well it’s simple and special, just the way I like it.  Grab clear glass jars, vases or even bowls from around your home.  You may be surprised how many you have – think about all the flower arrangements you have received over the years and dig out all the vases you saved.  These are perfect to use.

You will need at least three.  If they are the same size set them out in a row like the picture of the table above.  Place them on a table runner to finish the look.  If they are different heights, group them in a cluster and set them on a pretty tray or large platter.  Then fill them with neutral toned items.   I love beans, seeds, apples, acorns and green button mums.  You only need to fill the jars or vases half way to the top.  Have fun and send me pictures of your table.  I will feature them in a post – I’d love to see what you create!

Image credit: Pottery Barn – you can purchase the jars shown above at

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