Halloween Bat Bar and Bat Bites!

Going batty this Halloween looking for a simple yet special party idea?  We have a spooktacular solution for you – “The Bat Bar”!

Bats have long been associated with Halloween and this year they are the hot ticket for party décor.  Use these creatures of the night to create a cool spot for cocktails, beverages or a combination of both.  Bats are spooky, but not too scary, and can work for an adult-only or kid-friendly party.  You can use “The Bat Bar” as the focal point at your party, or keep it simple and host a “trick-or-treating” time-out for friends and family.  A “Bat Bar” makes the perfect pit stop and can provide a place to rest and enjoy refreshments.  Serve the adults a red, white or “Boo” glass of wine and let the kids fill up on a few healthier snacks. Your “Bat Bar” break will give everyone a well needed second wind for more “Trick-or-Treating”!

A “Bat Bar” is easy and inexpensive to create!

Get The Look:

  • Visit your local craft or party store and purchase fake bats on stretchy strings, skulls and spiders.
  • Suspend bats from the doorways, ceiling, moldings or from the bar if you have one. We used Command Brand clear wire hooks.
  • Drape black gauze and a hang a vampire cape to create the backdrop for the “Bat Bar”.
  • Fill test tubes with red punch and garnish glasses with retro striped straws and plastic vampire teeth. We used the Command Brand clear caddy to as a fun way to hold straws at the bar.
  • Then, stock your “Bat Bar” with red drinks: red punch, red wine, cranberry juice, tomato juice, cherry vanilla soda, etc…

Note: When using Command™ damage-free, stress release technology make sure to follow the package instructions when it’s time to remove from hooks and caddy from walls, molding and other surfaces.  Be sure to visit Command.com and Follow CommandBrand on Twitter and like the CommandBrand Facebook page for latest news and deals!


Your Bar Bar would not be complete without some treats, so here are a few that we love.  Since there’s always enough sugar on Halloween, these treats are an alternative to candy – helping to avoid the ‘Halloween Hangover”.

This Halloween treat is so simple and looks so cool – “Holy Batman”!

  1.    Bake your favorite brownies
  2.     Trace/draw a bat on a piece of paper and cut out bat.
  3.     Place the bat cut out on top of brownie (tip: you can use toothpicks to hold bat in place.)
  4.     Using a fine mesh strainer, sprinkle powdered sugar over the entire brownie.
  5.     Remove the bat cut out and repeat process for each brownie.

Bat Bites

To create the Bat Bites pictured above you will need: a block of cheddar cheese, red seedless grapes, toothpicks, and blue corn tortilla chips. (Note: I like Garden Of Eatin’ Restaurant Style Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, there are organic, gluten-free and no sugar.)

Then assemble your Bat Bites in 4 easy steps:

  1. Cut your block of cheddar cheese into cubes (make sure they are at least 1″ x 1″ to provide a stable base so your Bat Bite doesn’t tip over) and place on serving dish/platter/tray – arrange 3″ apart.
  2. Remove grapes from stem, wash and dry. Insert toothpicks into bottom of each grape (where the hole is from the stem.)
  3. Cut a tiny slit in both sides of grape (just big enough to insert the pointy tip of a chip) and gently insert chip (wing) into each slit.
  4. Insert “toothpick bat” into cube of cheese. Repeat until all are assembled and serve.


I’ve seen versions of this snack idea all over the internet.  Many used marshmallows or candy for the teeth, so I modified it and replaced the sugary ingredient with nuts.

Vampire Treats

To create the Vampire Treats you will need all-natural peanut butter, red apples, lemon juice, and sliced almonds.

  1. Wash apples, slice into 8 slices and remove core/seeds from each slice.
  2. Lightly brush lemon juice over each apple slice to keep it from turning brown (great trick for any cut apples).
  3. Spread about a tbsp. of peanut butter on one slice of apple and then gently top with another apple slice.
  4. Place two slices of almond into the peanut butter to look like Vampire fangs, as pictured.

Note: Make a few then put out a platter of sliced apple, nuts and peanut butter with small plastic knives and let the kids make their own – they’ll have fun and eat more!


Disclosure:  We were paid to develop ideas using Command™ Brand Clear products. We were not compensated for for this blog post and have adapted the images from 3M for our readers.



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  1. Your creativity truly floors me – I’m not even sure what I love the most or where I would start. I could stare at these pictures for hours. In fact, I might create all of this and invite people over just to admire it 🙂 Well done!

  2. You know when you tell kids not to m=play with their food…. those Cheese and grape bat bites are the exception! So fun. I also love the simple bat brownie idea, thanks!

  3. WOW!!! So many great ideas– I am so excited to dig in and try some of these-thanks for the inspiration!

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