Create A Halloween Costume From Your Closet!

Going retro is always a great option when Halloween comes around.  It allows you to pay homage to eras gone by, create a costume with items that you might already have in your closet, or simply to poke fun at the clothing that you or your parents once wore in the doubtful name of fashion trends.  Here are some ideas to get you started…

50’s Hollywood Movie Star: Pay homage to Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, or – of course – Marilyn Monroe with a starlet costume. A white halter dress or a simple sheath dress and gloves in a cheery pink make the perfect outfit for this one. You can also take a look through your local thrift store for old homecoming and prom dresses that reach about tea length at the hem or just cut off a longer one. Costume feather boas, such as’s boas, and some ‘diamond’ costume jewelry make great accessories for the Hollywood look, and you can top it all off with a platinum blonde wig.

or if glam isn’t your look try…

50’s Diner Waitress: This might just be one of the easiest costumes to put together. A plain, pastel dress with a skirt that hits above the knee forms the base of the classic diner uniform. Put on a crisp white apron, a pair of cuffed ankle socks and white sneakers, and make yourself a waitress cap. Just find yourself a piece of white or matching felt and cut a large crescent moon shape out of it, then snip off the points and attach ribbon to hold it on or just bobby pin it in place. Make a name tag with your name or the name you want your waitress to have and stick a pencil behind your ear.

60’s Hippie: Love beads and bell-bottoms, tie-dye and peace signs will transform you to a flower child! A wig with long straight hair and a headband or an afro will finish the look (think the musical HAIR)

70’s Disco Queen: If you, your mother, or an older friend were into disco, chances are they still have something appropriate for a retro 70s costume in their closet or attic. Platform boots or heels are a must for this get-up.  Metallic fabric clothing, jumpsuits or a bell-sleeved blouse are great, but to really go all out, look for a sequined dress – you look like you stepped right out of a discotheque. When it comes to makeup, shimmer and black eye liner are key. Go heavy on the eye liner and use frosted eye shadow .

80’s Pop Star
While the pop stars of the 80s are not too far removed from our memories, the outlandish styles make for a wonderful Halloween costume. Find a pair of neon panty hose and wear them with a leather skirt if you happen to have one. A bunch of plastic bangle bracelets, leggings, leg warmers– or whatever you can find that fits the bill for 80s fashion. Wear a pair of white or bright red pumps or black high top sneakers and hairspray your hair as high as you possibly can.  As for makeup, wear plenty of black eye liner, bright pink lip gloss .


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