Holiday Cocktail Party In 30 Minutes #PopUpParty



Disclosure: Party Bluprints has partnered with Tyson Foods to provide Holiday Tips featuring Piri Piri Chicken Pastry Cups Appetizers 

HOST A POP-UP COCKTAIL PARTY with 30 Minutes Prep!

Spice up the Holidays with a  “No Fuss Cocktail Party!”  Make the most of the season and spread cheer whenever the opportunity arises.  Stock up on our Party Bluprints picks for non-perishables and other essentials to keep on hand so you’ll be prepared to host a party in minutes! Perfect for after-work drinks, pre-event gatherings, and impromptu parties.

8 P’s – Party Bluprints Pop-Up Party Essentials.  Serve guests these special cocktail snacks on simple white plates and platters.

  1. Tyson® Piri Piri Chicken Pastry Cups Appetizers (Heat and serve in 25 minutes, available exclusively at Sams’s Club)
  2. Prosecco and Pomegranate Juice – pop open and serve. This is an easy cocktail to pour and serve:  fill 1/3 of a glass with pomegranate juice and top with prosecco. (substitute prosecco with sparkling water for non-alcoholic version)
  3. Parmesan Cheese for antipasti plate
  4. Prosciutto (vacuum-sealed) for antipasti plate
  5. Peppadew Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, and Olives (buy marinated versions so they last longer) for antipasti plate
  6. Popcorn – pop some up in the microwave and sprinkle with salt and paprika
  7. Pita chips and hummus
  8. Pistachios  – spiced or salted



One item we are featuring in our picks for this Pop-Up Holiday Cocktail Party is Tyson Piri Piri Chicken Pastry Cups Appetizers (see more on this treat>) .

They are available exclusively at Sams’s Club, a great resource for stocking up on many of our party items!

They power this pop-up party by allowing us to serve a hot and spicy treat to our guests in just 25 minutes. The crisp layers of phyllo dough feel special and the spicy inside filled with chunks of chicken and piri piri sauce have some kick!  Piri piri sauce is made from crushed chilies, citrus peel, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimiento, basil, oregano, and tarragon. Served with a more traditional antipasti plate and a refreshing prosecco with a splash of pomegranate juice are perfect a pop-up party in minutes!

Br Prepared for Impromptu Entertaining by following these “Plan To Party” Holiday Tips:

  1. Make an area of your home pop-up party ready.   Prepare an “entertaining space” in your home that’s prepped for holiday visitors who pop in for a surprise visit. Your advance effort gives you the freedom to spontaneously entertain and enjoy casually celebrating the holiday season.
  2. Create a “Cocktail Caddy” filled with cocktail napkins and forks, appetizer plates, stirrers, festive straws and picks. It’s perfect to pull out for last minute get-togethers or casual holiday entertaining.
  3. Create a party vibe easily and instantly. Keep an ample supply of candles and a long-handled lighter to set the mood in minutes.
  4. Music is a must, especially during the holiday season. Prepare a party space that is “music-ready.” If you don’t have a music sound system in your home, create a music mix on your smartphone, dock it and play. Take advantage of free services such as Spotify and create a variety of playlists to last all season long.
  5. Prep your powder room. Keep an extra supply of hand towels, a special liquid soap, toilet paper, tissues and a scented candle at the ready. When you entertain, simply replace all your everyday basics with this supply and light the candle.
  6. During the holidays, keep your coat closet neat with space for guests’ coats and handbags. Stock it with extra hangers to make arrival and departure a breeze.
  7. Tidy up before heading out. Feel confident to invite guests back after an activity/event/party by simply straightening up your “entertaining space”, kitchen, and powder room before you leave home
  8. Stock up on party essentials at Sam’s Club and save time and money! You can get the latest news and deals from Club Tyson by connecting with them on Facebook>, Twitter>, Pinterest>, and Instagram>.


It’s easier than you think so stock up, serve easily, then sit down and enjoy the holidays!




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