Simple Ideas For The 12 Days of Christmas


Keep the Holiday Season SIMPLE and SPECIAL and you will enjoy it more, we promise!  Here is an idea for each of the 12 days of Christmas that won’t break the bank or stress you out.  Enjoy!


12. December 13th – Watch a Christmas Special ABC Family has one every night!

11. December 14thRead THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS > online here

10. December 15th – Make Candy Cane Hearts >

9. December 16th – Enjoy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.

8. December 17th – Make cute Nutcracker Cupcakes find out how at>

7. December 18th – Make your own Jingle Bell Ribbon Rings directions on MakesandTakes >

6. December 19th – Sing Christmas carols with your Jingle Bell Ribbon Rings! Find the words to many carols online here>

5. December 20th – Spread good cheer: have a cup of tea with an elderly home bound neighbor, babysit for a young mom so she can shop, or donate diapers at ( a recent study that found 1 in 3 American families have struggled to provide diapers for their babies).  There are so many small acts of kindness that have a BIG impact.

4. December 21st – Make Cinnabons as a surprise for breakfast recipe here>

3. December 22th – Make “Easy Cocoa Kisses Cookies – yum! recipe here>

2. December 23rd – Toast the holiday with your honey! Try a new festive cocktail like the Sgroppini recipe>

1. December 24th – Make a Country Christmas Casserole so it’s ready for Christmas Morning! recipe>

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