Host A Sprinkle (baby shower-lite)

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to host a shower for a friend or family member, here’s an idea that’s time has come.  Keep cost down, and still celebrate with style by hosting a Sprinkle instead of a Shower.  I’ve seen the theme in party circles now for a while, but really love this take on toning it down from  It’s also a great way to celebrate the 2nd, 3rd, etc.. birth in a family.  Repeat Moms have the essentials, but a party is still in order for a new baby.  Parents magazine dubbed this pared down Baby Shower or  shower “lite”,  a Sprinkle.  I love the name and I love the idea, because it reduces the pressure and stress of hosting an extravagant party and puts the focus where it should be on Mom and Baby.

To host a Sprinkle:

  • Invite guests for afternoon tea and treats – it’s simple and special and keeps costs under control.
  • Feature fun DIY elements like colorful umbrellas, blue signature drinks, and sugary treats all covered in sprinkles.

  • “For a chic, inexpensive way to transform your setting, hang lots of paper lanterns in various shades of blue and green from the ceiling using clear fishing line. To make it “rain” indoors, cut raindrop shapes from blue or silver card stock to hang amidst the lanterns…”  – Parents Magazine.

Here is the link to check out all 10 tips and details at>




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