Host A Monster Mash Halloween Bash At Home!

monster mash halloween bash

This is year is the perfect time to host a Halloween Monster Mash Bash.  The holiday falls on a Saturday so you can plan to party at home and then head out with the kids for trick or treating!

We had so much fun creating recipes for this Monster Mash party table. It’s “hairy not scary” making it just right for little ones. Below please enjoy three treats plus a fun punch that are easy to make, and take this party from simple to special. Host before you send the kids out to trick-or-treat and fill up their bellies with snacks not candy! 403b424920203abae26779058edfdb09

Monster Cupcakes


  • 1 box Betty Crocker cake mix (plus ingredients listed on box)
  • 1 12 oz. container Betty Crocker whipped frosting
  • 12 paper baking cups
  • Halloween colored sprinkles
  • 12 Monster Cupcake Toppers


  1. Bake cupcakes according to box instructions and allow to cool thoroughly.
  2. Place frosting in a pastry bag and pipe on frosting. Top with sprinkles and place cupcake in paper baking cup.
  3. Insert Monster Cupcake Topper.

DIY Monster Cupcake Topper How To


  • 12 black polka-dot cake pop sticks
  • 12 2” styrofoam balls
  • orange, purple, lime green yarn
  • glue
  • assorted googly eyes
  • assorted pipe cleaners


  1. Wrap Styrofoam ball with yarn. When it’s fully covered, cut the yarn and secure end under neighboring strand.
  2. Insert cake pop stick into bottom of ball (take a look at your yarn ball to see which side looks best for the face.)
  3. Glue on eye(s). Wrap pipe cleaner around a pencil and then cut in half to make two “squiggles” that you can insert into yarn ball as horns.

Tip: When starting your yarn ball, make your first wrap of yarn around end of yarn to secure and then just keep wrapping until styrofoam is completely covered. popcorn-monster-mashup-snack halloween-party-pasta green-eyed-monster-punch

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