Hot Holiday Party Trends Plus How to Host!

The Holiday Season is just around the corner.  That being said if you are thinking about hosting a holiday party this year it’s time to start planning!  Two hot trends are emerging for  2010 that you should consider before deciding on a theme or style.  Which ever way you decide to go, we have a party idea for you and if you start early and stick to our plan you will not only be able to throw an amazing party,  you will get enjoy it! Remember to be a guest at your own party, you need to party with a plan and plan to party!


Reflective Light: Sparkling, gold and opulent embellishments for holiday entertaining bring cheerfulness and reflection to the season. Perfect for NEW YEAR’S EVE!

Host a reflective festival of light with a glimmering, glittering party this year. What better inspiration for your party than the city of Venice?  Incorporate elements like water, light and gold, draw on its motto: “go forth in peace” and serve its delicious food and wine.  This party shines for all and is the “It” party of the season. Let it light up your corner of the world as you celebrate the common theme that runs through all religious holidays this time of year – LIGHT!

Gilded golden linens illuminated by a myriad of floating candles create a resplendent tablescape reminiscent of the shimmering lights dancing on Venice’s lagoon. Have fun and be creative with the theme or use our ‘Night in Venice’ party plan featured in Plan To Party.

Serve a chicchetti (Venetian tapas) style menu with items like Rice Balls (or Arancini) and a featured signature cocktail like the Bellini. This cocktail was created sometime in the thirties by Giuseppe Cipriani, at Harry’s Bar in Venice, making it the perfect choice!

Traditional is Trendy : “In turbulent times, people always seek security in the familiar” – Christmas World Report for 2010 .  Home for the holidays is in fashion and so is a back to basics approach to hosting.

Revive the old-fashioned ‘Cookie Exchange”, it’s a great theme for a Holiday Family Party. Although this time honored activity started as a practical way to cut down on holiday baking, it is a great way to get together to exchange holiday cheer, homemade cookies and have some fun!

Take this traditional activity and put a twist on it by turning it into a full blown, easy to host party for guests of all ages.  Use our FREE 17 page printable guide for how to host a Holiday Giving Party .


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  2. Sunshine says:

    This is such a beautiful and festive party that I will have to do it. I will get my glittery candles and gold glitter etc. right away.

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