Hot Jewels Are A Hot Party Idea For Teens #HotJewels


 Hot Jewels are the perfect party activity for teens!  

Disclosure:  Party Bluprints is pleased to present Hot Jewels as a fun party idea as part of a relationship with the brand.  All opinions in this post are expressly our own. 

Birthday party ideas for teens can stump even the best party experts and parents. That’s why when I saw one of my friends posting about  Hot Jewels, I jumped all over the chance to try them out. As temporary tattoos are hot for 2015, (I’ve spotted a number of celebrities sporting them in magazines and on TV), a “DIY Tattoo Bar” is an exciting party activity for the girls.


To test this trendy activity, I handed over the  Hot Jewels to our resident teen expert, Madison Leigh, and put her to work. She was excited to test out the product with her cousins, friends and sister. Madison reported back that the Hot Jewels were super easy to apply and all the girls loved the way they shined like real jewelry. She also commented that everyone enjoyed creating their own look and that the Hot Jewels were a huge success (so much so that Madison is incorporating a Hot Jewels DIY Tattoo Bar at her 15th Birthday Party next month.)





Hot Jewels™ Metallic Temporary Tattoos Features:
  • Looks Like Real Jewelry
  • 6 Unique Style Collections
  • Create Hot New Styles in Just Seconds
  • Easy to Apply
  • Lasts 4-6 Days
  • Easy to Remove with Baby Oil
  • Water Resistant


The bottom line is that Hot Jewels get high fives from our test group of teens!

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Madison Leigh loves family, the beach, and running.  She has a special eye for Teen Trends and we are proud to present her REAL GIRL picks here on The Party Bluprints Blog.




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