How To Eat Fresh with Rachel Ray and Ziploc® Brand’s FreshOver™ for America!

This past week Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to get FRESH with Rachel Ray at the Little Owl in NYC.  The iconic food personality has teamed up with Ziploc® Brand to show Americans that eating fresh can be convenient, by encouraging families to give their favorite foods a freshness makeover !

Ziploc® conducted a Fresh Eating Survey this past year.  It revealed that while 81% of Americans are looking for more ways to incorporate fresh ingredients into mealtime, less than 50% actually eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis!  So, Rachel Ray and Ziploc® Brand kicked off The Great American FreshOver™ Project, to address the disparity between what families want and what ends up being a mealtime reality.

It’s a partnership made in heaven.   Food star, Rachel Ray shares her delicious recipes and smart tips, educating and inspiring families to eat more fresh foods; while Ziploc® Brand provides the supporting cast with budget friendly tools that make it easy and convenient to store and keep foods fresh longer.  In addition, as part of the FreshOver™ mission, Ziploc® Brand is donating to Rachael Ray’s nonprofit organization Yum-O®!, which brings fresh and healthy foods to families across the country.  You can support the cause by “pledging” to start your own FreshOver™ Project by downloading the free, customizable FreshOver™ Recipe Guide at To further support Yum-O®!, Rachael Ray and Ziploc® Brand will donate an additional $200,000!

At the event we were able to check out Ziploc® Brand’s VersaGlass containers.  I love them!  You can store, heat and serve food all in one container.  They’re made with tempered glass, so they can go from the fridge to microwave/or oven and then right into the dishwasher!  They are sold in round and rectangle, small, medium and large and run between $4.19 – $8.99 .  There’s also a 3ct variety pack for just $19.99. I was able to bring one home with my gift bag, but my Mother took it as her payment for watching my boys.  She deserved it!

At the FreshOver™ event, we were fortunate to taste some of the recipes in the FreshOver™ Recipe Guide.  Each featured fresh ingredients and was delicious.  I can’t wait to make them here at home for my family.  Of course, I wasn’t only focused on eating, I had my party radar on too.  Here are some clever party ideas, I want to share with you.  Look at the gorgeous presentations pictured below and think about using some of them at your next gathering.   I love the dip served in mason jars, paired with crudites and think this make your own Bruschetta Bar is a fantastic idea.  You know at Partybluprints we love dishes you can prepare ahead of time – you can do all the prep ahead, make the dip, chop the veggies, prepare the items for the Bruschetta Bar and store separately in Ziploc® containers until you are ready to display them just before your guests arrive.  Serving appetizers this way, gets you out of the kitchen and partying with your guests!

The Guacamole and Salsa Bar is also a brilliant party idea! “Help Yourself Bars” are a great twist on a traditional Buffet, it allows you to be creative and make the space and food feel special!  Rachel Ray’s Guacamole and Crab is out of this world, please be sure to get the recipe at the Ziploc® FreshOver™ on facebook>

During the event, waiters passed Rachel Ray’s Chicken Satay Sliders, Vegetable Soup with Mixed Herb Pesto, Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with Sage, and Yogurt Crunch, not pictured were also Braised Pork Tacos that were my FAVE – the recipe is available Ziploc® FreshOver™ on facebook>.

There’s no denying that Fresh is BEST!  So stay fresh with The Great American FreshOver(TM) Project and WIN!

On the official Ziploc® Brand Facebook Fan Page you can start your families FreshOver™ journey and be inspired through exclusive videos and tips from Rachael Ray and until May 5, 2012, you can enter for a chance to win:

  • A trip for two for the ultimate culinary experience in America’s food capital – New York City(3).
  • The opportunity to meet Rachael Ray and swap recipes and hear her first-hand tips for keeping things fresh in the kitchen.
  • Dine at the most sought after “fresh” restaurants in New York City

Photos courtesy of Rachael Ray and Ziploc

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, the opinions are expressly my own.  I was invited to the #FreshOver event and received a gift bag.



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