Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding!

Wonderful Weddings – the first party that newlyweds host and the first chance for them to let their couple personality shine!  For this reason, our number one tip for any Bride and Groom is to stay true to you.  Let your wedding be an expression of who you both are and fill it with details that illustrate your story.  This week at the Partybluprints Blog we will be sharing great Wedding tips and ideas.  Although we are not wedding planners, the same principals for hosting a party apply – just on a much grander scale with a bigger budget and isn’t that fun!

We love these 3 clever ways  to express your “couple personality”.


1. Serve a Signature Cocktail ( need help? try this online signature cocktail finder from the knot > ) and add Personalized Drink Stirrers .

2. Custom Heart-Shaped Crossword Puzzles are a fun activity for guests to learn more about you as a couple.

3.  Show a short and sweet video that tells your story!

Above and below is beautiful bride and our cousin Lisa.  She allowed me to share her pictures because I think she did a great job of letting her personality shine through in them!

Tip:  Let your mood show through in your pictures.  Don’t over pose or force a smile.  Express the emotion you are feeling at the time.  Look at Lisa before and after the wedding.

Tips: Use color!  Flowers have more power in monochromatic bunches.  To create a fun and festive feel, use the opposite color of the bridal party.  If they are dressed in dark colors go light and bright.  Same for your table,  if linens are dark go light and bright.


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