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Marielle and Julie of Syzygy Events International, produce some of the most fabulous Garden Parties and Weddings around the country.  Today we’re excited to be able to share some of their insights on trends and wedding styles as well as one of their recent events – a garden wedding in Santa Barbara, CA.

 WEDDING TRENDS and TIPS as shared by Marielle Shortell, partner Syzygy Events

  • Gone are the days of the Wedding Theme.  We are creating “atmospheres” for entertaining that represent the Bride and Groom’s personal style.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Incorporating personalized details should be fun.  If it’s stressful it’s your sign that you should consider another option.  Our California Bride & Groom incorporated their favorite movie quotes all over the space.  Since they are huge movie buffs it took them no time at all to pick which quotes they would use!
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting.  We find that create lighting options – like the sconces in Santa Barbara help to give the space a warmer more intimate feel.
The style of this wedding was a combination of the bride and the groom. Both well traveled and lovers of great food and wine, Brooke and Lindsey wanted a wedding that was  both casual and fun while keeping the feel of a really elegant dinner party. His taste is modern and masculine, and her taste is vintage and casual chic. They both wanted unconventional seating (nothing was assigned) and the meal was served family style with a taco station, and dessert vertical display. No cake or traditional food was served. Instead they had pies, boozy milkshakes, cookies and fizzy candies.
The bar was designed to be an ode to vintage CA with old license plates, Highway 66 signs, and dark wood initials of the bride and groom. The color scheme was neutrals in two tones of grey, dark wood, and crisp white in keeping with the modern minimalism of the grooms taste. The brides taste came in with the deep purple florals, café lights, and vintage design to the cocktail area.  The bar and dessert display incorporated both there styles.
The tent was a clear top to allow the beautiful lighting of the giant 100 yr old trees to shine through. There was very minimal drape in the tent. Instead each tent pole was incased with custom wood finishings and flush mounted seaside light fixtures (to replace traditional up-lights). Aluminum frames featuring tiers of candles created a sense of open air walls and romantic ambiance. To finish the living room dinner party feel, each table (combination of squares and rectangles), feature striped Dhurrie rugs.


Lindsey & Brooke // Santa Barbara, CA from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.

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