It’s A Wii Party Family Pizza Night – Plus Party Giveway!


The image above comes from Bakerella – Check out the instructions for these amazing Wii Mii Cupcakes!

Recently, Nintendo of America sent me all the makings for a great family night! I received a party kit with a copy of the hot new game for the family,  Wii Party!  The kit also included favors and a $25 Domino’s Pizza gift card in honor of National Pizza Month.   Being that I love a good party, we got started right away.  This party is super easy and tons of fun.  Get the whole family involved, grandma and grandpa too, add some pizza and cupcakes and you will not only have a blast, you will enjoy family time the way it was meant to be!
Here is a video of 2 of my boys with 2 neighborhood friends testing out Wii Party for our Family Party Night…

Why does Wii Party work for family night?
Well, Wii Party is different, in that it truly is a game for all ages and is also great for non-gamers, like grandma and grandpa.  I enjoyed it because it was simple enough for me to play, challenging enough for the kids (who range in age from 9 – 14 yrs.) and YES, it did NOT involve shooting anyone!    We laughed, we jumped, we high-fived and had some good family fun on the weekend.
  • One of the standouts of the game for me was that Wii Party has you interact with other players not just zone out at the screen! It features 13 different party game modes and 80 mini games so that the game has longevity.  How many times have you dropped almost 40 bucks to have the kids say after a few days “I am bored with this game”?  Not this time and guess what, I would play it again too!
  • My boys loved a mode called “Balance Boat”.  In this game you play co-operative style and try to balance up to 20 different sized Characters (Miis) on the mast of a rocky boat to win.
  • Board Game Island was a crowd favorite. It’s basically the Chutes and Ladders of Wii Party and requires 4 players.  Everyone wanted in on this one!
  • I thought the most unique game was House Party.  It brings the game beyond your TV screen and into “real life”.  One game has you hiding Wii remotes for another player to find (chirps from the remote speaker act as a clue) and in another game you need to pass the remote as if it was a “Hot Potato”.  This mode is great for involving “non-gamer” family members and friends.

In short, I think that Wii Party makes for great family fun and is one way, in a world that continually separates family members, to brings us back together, even if it’s just for the evening.

WIN A Wii Party Pack !

As a special gift, Nintendo was nice enough to allow me to pass on 2 Wii Party Packs to you!  Leave a comment here with your thoughts on family fun night and you will be entered to WIN.  I will select 2 winners randomly on October 25th.

The Wii Party Pack includes:  The NEW Wii Party Game, $25 Domino’s gift card, party favors and tips.

28 Responses to It’s A Wii Party Family Pizza Night – Plus Party Giveway!

  1. We love family fun night! We order pizza, we play cards, we play the wii. Some nights we rent a bunch of movies, turn off all the lights and pretend like we’re in our own movie theater. We always try to make it fun without costing a lot of money. Thanks for the chance to win! After all, family fun night is all about being together, right? 😀

  2. We switch off playing board games and using the Wii, but it seems the that we use the wii more, especially when someone gets a new game.

  3. I would love to get that Wii active for my family. I homeschool and would love to do the Active activities as part of our PE. We aren’t big outdoor winter people so doing this would give us something to do together. Those cupcakes look so cute.
    Thanks! susie

  4. We have fun every night.. 🙂 But it’s usually around something simple, and around dinner, but this game night sounds great too. We do play Guitar Hero on Wii sometimes together. PS. I love the cupcakes 🙂

  5. We have a four year old and a five month old, so we don’t have very many family “fun” nights that we all enjoy. 😉 My daughter has been practicing on the Wii, though, so this looks like something that we could *all* enjoy!

  6. My husband and I recently got married and he has a 12 year old son from a previous relationship. I think this would be an amazing way for us to bond as a “new” family!

  7. Hey there Dawn,

    Wii party!!! Whoo hoo! We have those kind of family nights at home. Whether it be Rockband, Mario Party, or mini games from Monkey Ball! I haven’t tried the Wii Party Game but it definitely sounds like it should be a part of our family night collection. Later!

  8. I’ve been trying to find new ways to get my girlfriends to do something that is active, entertaining, cheap, and can do on regular basis. The Wii game party pack is still a video game, but allows for people that don’t normally like playing, wanting to join in. I’m happy there are other choices of activities that I can do with my friends that don’t involve the bar or the mall.

  9. We’ve been enjoying a family game night at least twice a month with our busy schedules, but hoping to make it an every week time. The kids really are starting to enjoy games now that they are 6 & 4 and my wife and I love the time and interaction with them as well. It’s different than spending time with them in other activities, game time is perfect for laughing and having fun all while teaching them about rules, turns and sharing. We’ve been playing board games and Pick-up-Sticks a lot lately but this is a great way of spending family time together on the Wii instead of just my son and I playing Mario Kart. Thanks for running the giveaway!

  10. We love family game night. Sometimes we play board games and sometimes we play on our Wii…both are so fun! We usually have family game night on Fridays which is great after a long work/school week. Thanks for the chance!!!

  11. Love family fun night. we never had that growing up and I sooo look forward to when my son is old enough to play more games with us. As for right now we read books and play with his toys. I think this would be soooo much fun as my hubs is a kid himself!

  12. We try to have family night every Friday. It’s a great way to reconnect with the family after a busy week. This would be great – something different than a movie or board game.

  13. We have a Family Board Game night, but a Wii family pack would be awesome! That would surely add some excitement to our game nights! Great way to get up and move with the whole family! Thanks for the chance!

  14. I love the idea of spending more time with the family. I run out of ideas so this one is greatly appreciated. Please enter me to win.

  15. With the cold weather coming this is the perfect way to spend a weekend night or day with the kids. I want to win!

  16. Well I would just love to have a game night with my family. We have the wii but rarley use it when we are all together. I think this would be the perfect game to get us to sit and play together, as a family. With school and soccer and whatever else the week brings it can be heck it..

    Thank you for this opportunity


  17. I have 6 kids so I loved family fun night right now we usually just watch a movie but this would be a blast all of us could have soo much fun playing and even invited my kids grandma wow sounds like you had alot of fun too btw love the cupcakes! And party time!! LOL

  18. Family fun night is great for those families who lead a busy night. It’s a fun and exciting way to bond and catch-up over gaming. We like a little competitive fun in our family. This game is perfect because it has something everyone can enjoy.

  19. I think this would be perfect for kick starting our Family Game Nights again. My “kids” are adults now, so we need something to bring us back together.

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