The Key To A Successful Graduation Party With Staples

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Disclosure:  We partnered with Staples Copy & Print to bring you a simple and special party idea with #MakeMoreHappen.

We love graduations as they mark a significant moment in a young person’s life. Surrounded by family and friends who have supported, encouraged, and guided your grad, celebrate them as they begin their journey. Graduations are a significant milestone that should be commemorated – we’re happy to share this simple and special way to do so!

At your Graduation Party, create a “Keys to Success” interactive station. Encourage everyone from Grandma to cousin Joe to visit the station at their leisure and personalize a message, share some of their best advice or pen a special memory they shared with the guest of honor. When the party is over, your grad will have a box filled with good wishes and words of wisdom wrapped in a way they can enjoy for years to come. Although we feature this station for a graduation party, it can be included at any milestone celebration – Bridal Showers and Baby Showers are perfect too.


As this was our first opportunity to explore Staples Copy & Print, we happily discovered that you can order so much more than copy paper, ink cartridges and commercial based printing. Although we started by looking to order a party banner, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could order everything we needed like our party invitations, posters, envelope seals and lawn signs – and we were able to easily customize them all.  Another perk is that you can order it all in-store, choosing same day printing for select products or order it all online and have it shipped (the items pictured here were online order/shipping.) Your timeframe will dictate which route you go, but it’s nice to know you have several options.


keys to success

We had fun customizing the banner, photo posters, and note cards for this “Keys To Success” party station.  We selected them to reflect the spirit of the party and the guest of honor – our grad is stylish, loves fashion and a bit of glamour.  The Staples Copy & Print products offered us the option to customize beyond adding just a name and picture in a standard template.  The ability to delete or insert text, choose alternate fonts, delete fields of text altogether, change the color, and more made our printed pieces feel special.




We selected this coordinating invite paired with envelope seals to give guests a hint at the look and feel of the party long before they arrive at it.  To bridge the gap between invite and actually entering the party space, we also customized a basic lawn sign design with our party look. We had the option to make it double-sided, with the “Party’s Here” for arrival and then “Shine On” as an inspirational message to guests as they leave.



Lawn signs lead the way!



grad party collage


Get The Look – Using black, gold and white as our palette, we selected two of the Staples Copy & Print designs to create the look for this party along with a splash of Kate Spade.


  • Small Banner>
  • Small Photo Posters>
  • Frog Tape>
  • Keys to Success Cards>
  • Decorative Chest/Box – buy one that fits the party theme
  • Decorative Keys – most craft stores carry them
  • Inspirational Quotes – we found ours at a gift store but you can make these yourself
  • Pen(s)
  • 3 – Kate Spade Polka Dot Pom Pom Sets (Total of 9 Pom Poms) 


  1. Use a writing desk (or any type of table that allows for writing), push it up against a wall and start creating this special space.
  2. The keepsake chest, which we centered on the rear center of the desk, served as our guide for hanging the wall decorations – we had preordered 4 customized and coordinating items from Staples Copy and Print: Banner, Photo Posters (2), and Keys To Success Note Cards.
  3. Using Frog Tape, we mounted the photo posters centered above the keepsake chest, and topped it with the banner.
  4. We hung 9 tissue paper poms to further define and playfully decorate the space.
  5. Now, that the space is created, it’s time to set up the actual station. Place the stack of note cards along with envelopes on the desk. Fill a decorative dish with the keys and position within hands reach.
  6. Take one note card and place with a pen alongside as an invitation to get the first note writing started.
  7. Offer inspirational sayings/quotes around the space either in the form of decorative cards or books.
  8. Don’t forget a chair so guests can sit comfortably.

Next time you “Plan to Party” remember Staples makes throwing a party easy.   With an extensive assortment of invitations, announcements, banners, posters and more, Staples Copy & Print has everything customers need to make parties happen.  We are happy to share some special deals and coupon codes that make it more affordable too!

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