Labor Day Tablescape – “As Summer Sets Sail”

The Marina Table – ode to Summer setting sail…

We love this table for so many different reasons:

1.    Extremely inviting – when I finished constructing it, I immediately wanted to sit down for dinner with friends, and when our guests arrived, they had the same reaction.

2.    Fashionable table – wow factor is the navy chevron topper.

3.    Gotta love a “drinkable” centerpiece – create this Drinkable Mast Centerpiece with a magnum of red and white decorated with sail picks – the festive multi-colored/patterned sails add pops of color.

4.    A touch of whimsy – these cute sailboat place markers add some fun while personalizing the table.

5.    The silver, navy, white color combo is stylish, yet not stuffy.

6.    The sail napkins look like you made an effort to do something special and everyone fold these!

7.    Lanterns for light at sunset. When the sun is setting, light the lanterns on either end of the table – you’re going to need a few extra hours after the sun sets to finish drinking the centerpiece!

Perfect dessert for this party is Jello Sailboats! Instructions here>

How-Tos from Elizabeth

1.    Chevon Topper – I ordered 2 ½ yds. Navy Chevron fabric for my   ft. table. I ironed it and voilà – table topper. You can seam the raw edges, but not totally necessary for first time use. You’ll want to do this at some point if you plan to continue using it as a topper or tablecloth to keep the ends from fraying. If you are not a sewer, bring it to your local tailor and have them run a 1” seam around perimeter.

2.    Drinkable Mast Centerpiece – open 2 magnums of wine and replace cork in wine bottles, stick sail picks into corks from opposite directions at an angle.

3.    Sailboat Place Markers – you’ll need a cork, sail pick, and place card to build a sailboat place marker. Simply make a shallow cut across width of cork and insert place card with guest’s name written or printed on it and stick pick into cork behind place card.

4.    Sail Napkins – iron white napkins with heavy starch (the heavy starch is key to give napkin weight to stand). Fold in half with opening positioned at bottom. Take upper left hand corner of napkin and fold down to center of bottom of napkin, creating a triangle on the left side. Repeat with right side. Fold left side over onto right side and raise your sail on the plate.



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