Ladies’ Night – Ideas for Sweet Treats and Conversation!

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Below is one of my favorite ways to host the ladies.

First posted July 8, 2009

Kool & The Gang said it best,”Oh, it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right. Come on let’s all celebrate!” and we should whenever we can. You may say, “What’s so unique about this?  Of course, I love a good Ladies’ Night”. Well, when is the last time YOU hosted one? If the answer is, “It’s been a while”, I encourage you to do it soon.

A few nights ago, I hosted a ladies’ night for my girlfriends down the beach. We had the house to ourselves for a few hours and took advantage of it with an all girls night in. I bought wine, chocolate and fresh berries then added candles, flowers and music. I invited my gal pals for some sweet treats and conversation. That’s all it took, because all any of us wanted was to spend some time together.

Too often, I find that when I get together with my sisters and friends, it’s with the kids. In this setting, discussion remains “G” rated and conversation is constantly being interrupted. At my Ladies’ Night Party, I was so happy to catch up on the lives of friends and was surprised to learn new things even about my sisters. Had it been that long since we really got a chance to really talk? I am afraid so, but it won’t happen again.

Here are some suggestions to get you going – I hope you host your Ladies’ Night soon.


Just invite the girls over from 7 – 10 for “Sweet Treats and Conversation”. A phone call or email will suffice. If it isn’t an impromptu party, try one of these really retro Girls’ Night electronic invites from:


Skip the champagne and serve wine. It pairs great with chocolate. Provide a cool pitcher of water with sliced orange.


Assorted Chocolates, Fresh Berries with Whipped Cream and Pound Cake or White Sponge Cake. Put them out on pretty platters or cake stands.


Buy a bunch of daisies, hydrangeas or any flower that’s on sale at your market. Any color will do as long as you like it, but stick with one type. From the bunch, create several small arrangements (you only need one or two flowers in each). Put them in vases or glasses of various heights and group them in a few different spots throughout the room. Add a candle to each grouping and keep the artificial lights low. This will give the room a “girly” feel.


Here is a really sweet imix to provide the perfect mood for your party. Use the mix as a list of song suggestions to create your own. You want your music to set the mood, not overpower the conversation. You may want to have some dance tunes on hand just in case the girls want to break out and dance!


Buy small white candy boxes (the paper kind you assemble) and some pretty ribbon.  Put two of the chocolates from the party inside and tie the box up with the bow.  When the girls leave they can take a sweet reminder of the evening with them.

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  1. I love these ideas! Especially because these are all easy & totally doable even in a short notice!

  2. I love that you did a post like this. I keep telling my friends that we have to get together but I am reluctant to have them to my house because we are in the process of remodeling and have no Kitchen or Living Room, But in looking further down your posts I got a great idea why do we have to do it inside I have 6 acres of land why not have a nice space set up in the back yard for a few hours in the afternoon. Thanks for all your great ideas, and keep them coming.

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