Our Angel Is Turning One – Birthday Party Tips and Recipes #PartyReddi


When your little one turns one, it’s time to celebrate the BIG ONE!

Disclosure:  Party Bluprints Inc. partnered with Reddi-wip to create #partyreddi inspiration for our readers.

As moms who have hosted and attended countless celebrations for children this age (5 kids, and over 2 dozen nieces and nephews between us), we have lots of wisdom to share.  Keep it simple, while adding special touches like the ones we share below.  These tips and recipes are easy for you to follow and at the same time are worthy of a special and memorable celebration for your one-year-old!  For more #PartyReddi Reddi-wip ideas go>


This celebration is all about the one-year-old, so remember to address the wee ones at your party when you host. Plan a separate dessert table for the birthday boy or girl and follow the tips below.


  1. Serve individual mini-birthday cakes for the kiddies. For this angel-themed first birthday celebration, mini angel food cakes topped with a cloud of Reddi-wip instead of sugary frosting is a must, plus it’s super easy. To save time, we picked up an loaf of Angel Food Cake from Walmart and cut out our mini cakes. See the quick how-to below.  These can be prepared ahead of time and topped at the last minute because Reddi-wip is REAL CREAM and REAL TIME FUN!  Be sure not to add your topping too soon, wait until you are ready to serve them.  Like most delicious, fresh cream, it won’t last long on the table!
  2. We love the idea of a smash cake for a first birthday celebration.  Walmart sells cute smash cakes, and with a bakery purchase of $14.98 or more, they’ll even give it to you for free, yes we said FREE!
  3. The pairing of gelatin and whipped cream is a fun and classic treat to serve. It’s also easy and inexpensive.  Prepare the cups ahead of time, cover and refrigerate so you’re #PartyReddi in a minute.
  4. Keep Reddi-wip chilled in an ice bucket near your dessert table. When it’s dessert time for the guest of honor and his/her guests, you’ll be #PartyReddi. Dress your desserts with Reddi-wip and serve – there’s something about the look and sound of Reddi-wip, that signals fun and a festive party feeling.
  5. Remember to keep the kiddie dessert table free of glass. Plastic and melamine are good options for plates and cups, as they are sturdy enough to handle messy food, but safe for kids.
  6. Be a considerate host, and set up a parent-serve baby beverage bar complete with milk and juice (we suggest cutting sugary juice with water: fill a carafe halfway with apple or white grape juice and the remainder with cold water.) This give parents control over what their kids consume.
  7. Prepare an “Angel’s Corner” play area. Spread a soft blanket out in a corner, add age appropriate toys and invite parents to bring their angels to play.
  8. Be party practical and save time and money.  We bought most of what we needed at our local Walmart Superstore, like the food, drinks, and many of the party decorations too. We love one-stop shopping and the great prices at Walmart – it can make hosting parties possible!

In fact, we’re happy to share a coupon for $1 OFF Reddi-wip at Walmart: you can print it here>  When you head to the store, don’t forget the Angel Food Cake!

The pure white, light and airy nature of Reddi-wip coupled with its infectious spirit inspired us to create these treats for an “Our Angel is Turning One” birthday party.  We love these treats or a one-year-old as they are a fun and festive alternative to more sugary party candy bars and frosted cakes. (recipe below)



A parent-serve baby beverage bar is a smart way to provide refreshments for the younger set at your party. All the babies and toddlers attend with bottle/sippy cup in tow, this bar allows parents to “fill’er up” as needed and at their convenience.


We love this classic dessert with an angelic twist, and the tots at your party will enjoy it too.  It’s a simple snack that looks and tastes even better with a dollop of Reddi-wip on top!

angel snack cups

Prepare ahead and be #PartyReddi: our birthday dessert table for the tots can be set up before guests arrive.  When you’re ready for dessert, simply use the Reddi-wip to top the Mini Angel Food Birthday Cakes and Angel Snack Cups.  Super easy, so much fun and delicious too! (recipes below)






Mini Angel Food Birthday Cakes

(Makes 4)


  • 1 Loaf Angel Food Cake*
  • Reddi-wip (Extra-creamy or Original)
  • Vanilla cookie wafers
  • Blue icing
  • Rainbow nonpareils (round sprinkles)
  • Birthday cake candles

*We purchased our Angel Food Loaf Cake at Walmart


  1. Slice angel food cake horizontally in half to create 2 layers. Gently place each layer on a cutting board. Using a round cookie cutter or glass with a 3″ diameter opening, cut out mini cakes. Arrange each mini cake on a plastic/melamine appetizer/dessert plate.
  2. Pipe a generous dot of blue frosting in center of cookie wafer (this will be the anchor for your candle.) Place wafer in center of cake. Insert candle in middle of blue frosting dot.  Repeat with remaining cakes.
  3. Immediately before serving, top with Reddi-wip and sprinkle with rainbow nonpareils.

Angel Snack Cups

(Makes 6)


  • 2 boxes blue gelatin
  • Reddi-wip (Extra-creamy or Original)
  • 12 oz. bag Wilton white Candy Melts


Make White Chocolate Angel Wings

  1. Trace a pair of angel wings (approx. 1.5″ high) on a piece of parchment paper, making sure to leave space between the two wings. Place a large sheet of wax paper on a rimmed baking sheet. Place parchment paper with traced wings under the upper left hand corner of the wax paper. Set aside.
  2. Melt 6 oz. chocolate in Pyrex glass measuring cup. Tip: heat on low for 60 seconds, stir and if not fully melted heat on low for 30 seconds and stir until smooth. If necessary, repeat process until chocolate is smooth. Do not overheat chocolate – when it burns it seizes up and is unusable.
  3. Pour melted chocolate into a Ziploc sandwich bag. Snip just the very corner of the bag and pipe chocolate onto tracing outlining the angel wings. Then, pipe chocolate inside wings to fill, using a toothpick, draw swirls in the wings to create a textured/feathery look. Note: If chocolate is too warm and is not holding design, allow chocolate to set 60-90 seconds and use toothpick to swirl. Gently move tracing under wax paper over to fresh section of wax paper and repeat process. Continue until all angel wings are made.
  4. Allow wings to set for 1 hour. Once set, they can be stored separately between wax paper in a container in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Angel Snack Cups


  • 2 boxes blue gelatin
  • 6 clear 9 oz. plastic tumblers/cups
  • 6 pairs of angel wings
  • Reddi-wip (Extra-creamy or Original)


  1. Prepare gelatin according to package instructions.  Pour evenly into cups. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 4 hours.
  2. Once gelatin is fully set, place a pair of angel wings on top of gelatin, leaving a space between the wings.
  3. Immediately before serving, place a spritz of Reddi-wip between each pair of wings.



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