Simple Ideas for A Kentucky Derby Party!

And they’re off! Together these words start what has come to be known as the most exciting two minutes in sports. Saturday, May 7st, 2011 will mark the 137th “run for the roses”. The Kentucky Derby is the perfect time to gather family and friends for some fun. Host a party but keep it simple by inviting guests over to enjoy the race and a cocktail, 2 hours is perfect. Make it special by serving Mint Juleps, the mandatory Derby cocktail and some traditional Derby snacks. Encourage your guests to don a hat, it will add to the fun and festivity. Check out our tips below and this one is a no-brainer for an exciting and enjoyable afternoon!

When to Watch:
Coverage of the race begins on Saturday, May 1, 2010 on NBC Television at 4 PM EST starting with Red Carpet Coverage! You can also watch and wager in all the horse racing at right from your own home or gathering.


1. Cocktail

Early Times Mint Julep

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • Sprigs of fresh mint
  • Crushed ice
  • Early Times Kentucky Whisky
  • Silver Julep Cups

Make a simple syrup by boiling sugar and water together for five minutes. Cool and place in a covered container with six or eight sprigs of fresh mint, then refrigerate overnight. Make one julep at a time by filling a julep cup with crushed ice, adding one tablespoon mint syrup and two ounces of Early Times Kentucky Whisky. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost the outside of the cup. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

2. Derby Snack

Serve up traditional Benedictine Sandwiches on a pretty tray and visit for more Derby party recipes.

Benedictine Sandwich Yield: 50 servings.

  • 2 pkg. cream cheese (3 oz. size)
  • Grated pulp of 1 med. peeled cucumber
  • 1 sm. grated onion
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • Mayonnaise
  • 2-3 drops green food coloring
  • Dash of Tabasco
  • 1 loaf Pepperidge Farm thin white bread


  • Mash the cheese with a fork. Work into them the cucumber pulp, first extracting the juice by placing the pulp in a napkin and squeezing it fairly dry.
  • Add the onion, Tabasco, salt and enough mayonnaise to make a smooth filling, easily spread. Last of all, add the green food coloring – just enough to give a faint green tinge, for too much will look unappetizing.
  • Cut the crusts off bread and cut each slice into fourths. Spread with Benedictine Spread.

Recipe Credit:,1744,149173-237203,00.html

3. Derby Dessert

Order up a Derby Pie to be delivered to your party. A True Kentucky favorite. Derby-Pie® has been a southern tradition for more than 40 years and is made from a secret family recipe. Learn more>

4. Flowers

The Kentucky Derby is also known as the “run for the roses”, therefore roses will make a perfect choice for a small arrangement for your party. If you buy a dozen you can make up a few small arrangements. Use a silver cup or vase if you have it.


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