Sorbet Party Floral Forecast For 2016



Floral Forecast 2016

The floral forecast for 2016 is all about those pretty sorbet like colors. It looks like a sweet 2016 for party tables everywhere, and we’re not talking about dessert.  We’ve spotted a sorbet trend for flowers in centerpieces and arrangements for parties, events and weddings. describes the look; “Sorbet is a combination of pastels and brights. The style is young and fresh with a nod to mid-century modern style.”

To create the look at home experts say to use a color palette featuring lemon-yellow, rich blue, coral, spearmint, lavender, powder blue and dove grey.  The best flowers to include are softly textured ones, such as peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, delphinium and tulips.

Other floral trends to consider:

  • Arrangements that feature both whatever is in season and whatever is local.
  • Free-form centerpieces that include a mix of big and small blossoms.
  • No more monochromatic, arrangements with more than one color are hot.

If you are not into DIY then you can always buy an arrangement like the one seen below.


Multi-color display of lavender calla lilies, anemones, roses, and orchids in a pave-style arrangement. This large, colorful piece sits at a medium height in a low pedestal vase and will be a beautiful addition almost anywhere.

What do you think about the Sorbet Floral arrangements? Do you like them? Have you created any for yourself? If so, leave a comment with a photo, we would love to show our readers.






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