5 Easy and Affordable DIY Spring Floral Arrangements!


As Featured in Kroger’s Spring Mailer “MyMagazine”

Supermarket floral departments can be a great resource for creating affordable flower arrangements to decorate your home. We love shopping the supermarket for a few bouquets of flowers and then seeing just how many arrangements we can create to decorate the house when prepping for a party.

It’s actually quite easy to become a savvy shopper and DIY your own flower arrangements: shop the supermarket floral department for “value bouquets” (good price/great flowers), place your flowers in a bucket of water so they can have a drink while you are working, clear some counter space, gather a variety of containers in different sizes, and have fun creating!


For some inspiration and ideas, here’s our “Bluprint” on our full Spring Supermarket Flower Collection. Using two bouquets of flowers and a bouquet of filler flower, we crafted five different arrangements (2 large, 2 medium and 1 small) for these suggested areas: beverage bar, cocktail/dinner table, buffet table, kitchen and powder room. When selecting supermarket flowers, we look for a big bang for the buck. Since there always seems to be a special promotion on a large bunch of roses, we chose those along with our favorite Gerbera Daisies – these high impact flowers go a long way. Finally, we added a bouquet of the bright green mini button poms and cushion poms as a fun complement. Note: pay attention to the “filler” that comes packaged with your flowers, Nagi – the green filler flower that came with the Gerbera Daisies, was a great bonus.


5 Fabulous Floral Arrangements From 2 Supermarket Bouquets

1. “Pop goes the Daisy” for the Beverage Bar: The mix of sophisticated roses with a playful Gerbera Daisy poking up in the middle adds a charming pop of color to your beverage bar. We used this wide-mouthed glass mason jar for interest and its wide base and low height. There is a lot of activity at the beverage bar, so keep things low and compact.

  • Container: Glass Mason Jar
  • Flowers: 5 Yellow Roses and 1 Purple/Fuschia Gerbera Daisy
  • How-To: Cut roses so buds sit slightly above vase opening, remove leaves from lower ¾ of each. Gather roses in a bunch, insert bunch in middle of vase let them fall where they may. Insert Gerbera Daisy right in the middle and adjust flowers as necessary.


2. “Fresh & Sunny” for the Cocktail or Dinner Table: This sophisticated yet simple arrangement serves as a focal point for your table where guests gather (placement will depend on whether you are hosting a cocktail or dinner party.) Its low height allows guests to easily converse across the table.

  • Container: Large Glass Globe Vase
  • Flowers: Yellow Roses and Bright Green Mini Button and Cushion Poms.
  • How-To: Cut flowers so buds sit just above vase opening, remove leaves from lower ¾ of each stem. Gather roses in a bunch, insert bunch in middle of vase, and let them fall where they may. Use poms to fill in any gaps.


3. “Jar of Happiness” for the Buffet Table: This large flower arrangement brings big pops of color and style to your buffet table. We used a simple wide-based jar for this high-activity area.

  • Container: Large Green Glass Jar
  • Flowers: 6 Multi-Colored Gerbera Daisies and Nagi (the green filler flower package with the Gerbera Daisies)
  • How-To: Remove flowers from packaging (remove plastic tubing from neck of Gerberas unless you are able to hide them in arrangement with filler flower.) Gather flowers in an arrangement, adjusting height of Gerbera Daisies so there is some variation in height. If necessary, trim stems so bouquet sits approximately 6” – 12” above jar opening. Insert bouquet in jar and adjust as necessary to fill out arrangement.


4. “Bottle of Cheer” for the Kitchen: This combo of old-fashioned meets modern adds a cheerful element of interest to your kitchen (although the host is always trying to get guests out of the kitchen, it seems to be where they meander.)

  • Container: White Milk Bottle
  • Flowers: Sunshine Yellow & Orange Gerbera Daisies
  • How-To: Cut Gerberas so they sit approximately 4-5” above bottle opening packaging, remove plastic tubing from neck of Gerberas and insert in bottle.


5. “Ring Around the Rosie” for the Powder Room:Although this small sweet arrangement will fit into the tiniest of spaces, this special touch will not go unnoticed.

  • Container: Bright Green Mini Vase
  • Flowers: 1 White Rose and 10 Bright Green Mini Button Poms
  • How-To: Cut stem so bottom of rose sits just at vase opening, insert button poms around neck of vase, creating a “ring of poms” to nestle the rose.




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