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Today is May Day so celebrate with a May Day Tussie Mussie!  Here’s a link for a simple cone and gift tag from –  may-day-cone-template .   The site is beautiful check it out!

Ideas from Elizabeth..

For centuries, May Day, May 1st, has been celebrated by many cultures around the world through many different traditions. You may have heard of a Maypole, well, its’ big day was May Day. People would gather on May Day and dance around the Maypole, which was decorated with long ribbons.

Since I’m not about to erect a Maypole to celebrate May Day, I chose another beautiful and equally festive tradition to honor the day which celebrates the beauty and excitement of spring. Our tradition is to make May Day Baskets/Tussie Mussies that can be hung on a door knob. The idea is to create a sweet bouquet of spring flowers, place them in a basket or decorated paper cone (Tussie Mussie), and leave them for a neighbor to say “Happy Spring”. Tradition requires good ole fashioned “ringing and running” so your beautiful gesture is anonymous. Maybe the recipient will be inspired to pass it on. Regardless, you will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day. Make sure to tie a tag on the basket wishing the recipient “Happy May Day”!

If you don’t have any small baskets, it’s fun to make paper cones, decorate and fill with a few flowers and ta-da, you have yourself a modern day Tussie Mussie. You can use scrapbook paper, wallpaper, or card stock to construct your paper cone. Then decorate it with ribbons, bling, pom poms, whatever fun decorations you have in stock. One essential component before filling the cone with flowers is to punch 2 holes on either side at the mouth of the cone. Use these holes to tie the ends of your ribbon, providing a means to hang your May Day Tussie Mussie on the doorknob. Make a “Happy May Day” tag and tie it on the basket/cone, but don’t sign it, remember this gift is anonymous! Have fun.



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