3 HOT Ideas for the 4th of July!

Here are 3 of my favorite decorating ideas from the fabulous 15 you can find at GoodHousekeeping.com this month!  Party like a patriot and get the red, white and blue pumping through your guests’ veins.   With these special touches, everyone will feel the spirit of the holiday and you can be FREE to enjoy your day too, because they’re easy to do!


For safer-than-sparklers favors, fill a pail full with red, white and blue pinwheels.  Try making  cheery DIY scrapbook-paper pinwheels mounted on slim wooden dowels yourself ( the how-to instructions. ) or if it’s sweat equity not money you want to save buy a bunch at the local party store.


Let the Fourth of July party spirit blossom with all-white flowers like hydrangeas in a vase that evokes the stars and stripes.  For instructions go>


I am crazy about this decorating idea which uses red and white striped dish towels and a zip lock bag full of blue hydrangeas.  For the simple to make but oh so special look go>

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