Funnel Cakes – Sweet Summer Treat!


Trying always to be cognizant of what goes into successful entertaining—I have become an observer and student of everything around me.

One reoccurring theme I continue to note is the rule: keep it simple and special. This past weekend, I found an example of this I would love to share: my nephew’s birthday party, celebrated with family and friends on the beach. Mind you, this is no ordinary clan, they add up to nearly 100 when the oldest to the youngest have been counted. After the beach treasure hunt was finished and the sun had warmed up the chilled children after boogie boarding for hours, a very large pan filled of funnel cakes was served up like magic to guests on the beach. These magic cakes, made from scratch by a loving Grandmother, replaced the traditional birthday cake which is just not practical for beach eating.


As the sight of the cakes came into view and the smell began to float on top of the ocean breeze, a crowd began to form to sing “Happy Birthday” to this lucky boy. Those that had not had one before eagerly anticipated the sugar melting on the cake, their fingers and soon in their mouths. Guests that knew what they were doing were the first on line so they could have seconds before the delectable treats disappeared, devoured by guests not to reappear until next August. If you have not had the joy of seeing the faces of your guests when you serve up some funnel cake, I highly recommend it.

To view Funnel Cake recipe from Alton Brown go>

Thanks To Alison Gerard For The Photo – Repost from August 13, 2007

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