S’mores Summer Party

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Here’s a great way to add some extra fun to the weekend and have fun this summer. Invite the neighbors over for a S’more Summer Party! This one’s really easy, you will only need to buy a few items: marshmallows, chocolate,  graham crackers and skewers.  Then add a few ghost stories and you’re on your way to a night the kids will remember forever. Keep it simple and special.

Basic S’mores


  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 1 graham cracker
  • 1 (1.5 ounce) Hershey’s chocolate candy bar


  • Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it begins to brown and melt.
  • Break the graham cracker in half. Sandwich the chocolate between the cracker and the hot marshmallow. Allow the marshmallow to cool a moment before eating.

For s’more great ways to make them, visit this page from Hershey: S’more Recipes

Below are some variations that the site suggests.  In addition to the above ingredients add:

  • Peanutty: Spread thin layer REESE’S Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter on graham crackers.
  • Chocolate Banana : Place slices of banana on top of chocolate bar.
  • Choco-Cherry: Cut two maraschino cherries into slices; place on top of chocolate bar.
  • Choco-Berry: Place slices of strawberries on top of chocolate bar.
  • Raspberry: Spread thin layer of seedless red raspberry preserves on graham cracker.

. . . and here’s our friend Jeanne Benedict on the Today Show with more great ways to enjoy S’mores!

5 Responses to S’mores Summer Party

  1. Dawn says:

    Sister Mary Claire – I agree, Jeanne is wonderful!

  2. Sister Mary Claire says:

    Tasty recipe, the sisters and I will make again. And thanks to ‘Jeanne Benedict’ for that insightf

  3. Was it a dream or did Kathie Lee continually compare a slab of Kahlua Marshmallows to her thigh during my TODAY Show segment? Very fun! Hey! Thanks for the continual shout outs on Twittter, FB, and here on your fabulous blog. Be great to meet in person at some point. I travel back East often for work. Although I’m pretty much a Californa girl, I was born in Newark and my sis lives in Westchester. Much more back story with this segment including a trip to the emergency room in White Plains two nights before shooting due a a misstep with a knife and my thumb! (Good thing you didn’t see the bandages.) Anyway — wanted to thank you for being such a great blogging friend.

  4. I’m having a bbq this weekend. I think I’ll stock up on these for our desert. Great idea!!

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