The Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

photo credit – Alexandra Mascali

This Holiday Season remember to address all your guests, even the smallest ones.

Some of my warmest childhood memories were created by my mom, grandmother, and aunt at the holidays. No pressure, but we all have the opportunity to create an experience for our guests when entertaining. To know that for the children these experiences will turn into loving memories that will last a lifetime is inspiration enough, right? Make the children at your Thanksgiving celebration feel special with a table just for them. Our Tots Turkey Table is all about simple and special – not only will the kids love it but the adults will too. – Elizabeth



photo credits – Alexandra Mascali


  1. Start with the foundation, a tablecloth – this Spiced Pumpkin Colored Tablecloth works perfectly with all the colors, but you can certainly use one in any of the harvest colors, dark green, maize, cranberry.
  2. Table Topper – simple kraft paper you can purchase in a roll from your local craft store. Cut it a few inches past the length of table on each end and then fringe it – using a scissor, simply cut the length of the scissors about every ¼” all the way around.
  3. Banner – Give Thanks. Add to the festivity of the table by draping it with this adorable Give Thanks Banner proclaiming the spirit of the day.
  4. White Dinner Plates – love these for large gatherings, you can buy them inexpensively in large quantities. Add a pop of color to your place setting with Orange Appetizer Plates.
  5. Place Marker/Favor – we topped each place setting with personalized mini Mayflowers and filled them with a snack mix you can mix up yourself. You can use any combo of snacks depending on the age of the children, we used mini goldfish, chocolate teddy grahams, mini marshmallows, animal crackers and golden grahams – the kids will love snacking on this. As a favor and accent for the table we picked up these cute brightly foiled wrapped chocolate turkeys at our local grocery store.
  6. Festive Beverages – single serving bottles of sparkling apple cider (we picked them up at our local grocery store) are perfect – add some fun Paper Straws and your done.
  7. Napkins– Turkey Tail. Here’s an oldie but goodie standard napkin fold, love it for this table as it looks like a turkey’s tail. Simply fold the square cloth napkin in half and then accordion fold it ¾ of the length. Then fold the accordion in half so it looks like a “U” and simply twist the “unaccordion” portion while holding the accordion portion in half. Holding napkin with bottom of “U” facing down, place on dish and let accordion go so tail fans out.
  8. Activity – Crayon Caddy. Create a crayon caddy for each child with a simple sugar cone filled with crayons. The table topper serves as a coloring surface. In addition, offer kids additional paper so they can create works of art for a post-feast art auction. When the meal is finished, have your auctioneer collect the signed artwork from the kids and auction them off with all proceeds to go to a pre-designated charity.
  9. The Centerpiece – Tom Turkey Pumpkin. This centerpiece doubles as the kids’ dessert as the turkey tail feathers are cake push up pops. Remember the push up ice cream pops we had as kids? Well, we took the containers and layered them with cake, icing and candy!


Tom Turkey Cake Push Up Pop Centerpiece


  • 1 large pumpkin with a flat side
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 waddle
  • 10-12 Turkey Tail Cake Push Up Pops (see recipe below)


  • Wash and dry pumpkin, set aside. Make googly eyes (use cake push up pop cylinder to trace circles on white cardstock, we pasted it on corrugated cardboard rounds to give it some standing power, you can use bottom of push up pop stick to trace pupils, make sure to leave a white circle in the middle of each pupil as pictures). The waddle you can free-form cut from red card stock. Tape eyes and waddle on pumpkin as shown in picture. On the upper “rear end” of the pumpkin, start inserting tail feather cake push up pops. Find the center on the upper rear end and mark it with a pen. Using a screwdriver whose width of its tips is equal to the diameter of the cake push up pop stick, gently poke a hole through wall of pumpkin and then twist the screwdriver as you pull it out to make sure hole is big enough to easily insert cake push up pop stick. Insert cake push up pop and then mark spot for next feather (remember to account for width of cake push up pop cylinder when marking spots for feathers). Repeat process until all feathers are inserting (note: when inserting tail feathers don’t push down on the push up pops, gently insert the stick into the hole).


Turkey Tail Feather Cake Push Up Pops


  • 12 Plastic Push Up Pops Containers
  • 1 box cake mix (+ ingredients to make according to package directions)
  • 2 containers prepared icing
  • yellow and orange food coloring
  • candy corn


  • Make and bake cake according to box directions in a 13” x 9” pan. Let cool thoroughly, cover and freeze. When ready to assemble, use one of the cake push up pop cylinders (order them ahead of time, see link in ingredients list) as a “cake cutter”. Cut out cake in mini circles and set aside. Color your icing (one container yellow, one container orange). Start assembling cake push up pops. Remember, these are push pops so you must push down ingredients into container while holding, but not pushing stick up. Layer cake and frosting (alternate yellow and orange layers to get variations in tail feathers).


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  1. Better late than never! I just wanted to let you both know I replicated the children’s Thanksgiving table that you displayed at the Far Hills Country Day School boutique for our Thanksgiving kids table. The children LOVED every bit of it! They even created a mural from the paper table cloth to auction off for breast cancer. Thanks for your terrific ideas! SIncerely, Molly Whipple

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  3. Thanks everyone! It was really fun designing this table for the tots. Happy Thanksgiving planning and preparing!

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  5. Where do I begin, the cone crayon holders, the boat place cards….. so many amazing ideas it makes me want to sit at the kiddie table. Love it! Coryanne

  6. So fun!! I love those ideas. I have always wanted to do a separate Thanksgiving Kids table. Maybe I will start this year!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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