Super Bowl Party On A Budget!

Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Take it to a new level this year with these tips for throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party while on a Budget. Football doesn’t have to mean hot dogs and beer all the time, and with the NFL gaining more female fans each year, your Superbowl party has to be tasty AND tasteful this year.

We have four super easy tips for saving time, money and stress –  and be a guest at your own Super Bowl Party!  The recipes use fresh ingredients, are healthier than your traditional football fare and are DELICIOUS! The bonus is they are budget conscious too.

Our TIPS on the TODAY Show:

So here’s the game plan…for the ultimate

Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Go Bulk With Your Bar

Limit your bar to 3 selections and buy in bulk. Serve beer, wine and a non-alcoholic beverage, like lemonade or ice tea that you can mix up and serve in a pitcher. If you are serving beer on tap, why not wine? Boxed Wine is a super value wine and a hot ticket for parties.  Container usually house approximately 4 bottles of wine ( 20 glasses) and some packing allows the wine to stay fresh for weeks, making it more cost effective and eco-friendly than the bottled version. Guests can help themselves with the easy-to-pour spout. Wine makes a great match-up for our party menu, and may be the fan favorite with your female guests.


Take Traditional Football Fare To A New Level

Try these fresh and fabulous recipes and serve guests a simple, yet stylish spread that will tackle even the biggest of appetites! Since most will be eating on the couch, substitute the greasy, saucy, sticky dishes for these simple recipes that can be prepared right before game-time.  Here are our menu suggestions:

Recipes for images above:

Fresh and Healthy Chips and Dips: – Fresh guacamole and homemade hummus!





Create A Dressed Up Super Sundae Brownie Bar

What better way to celebrate Super Sunday than with super sundaes, no doubt this will be a touch down with guests of all ages.  Make football shaped brownies to top a “make your own” sundae bar with all the fixings. Let guests create their own version and enjoy a memorable dessert.  Build your dessert bar on top of green felt material, which is inexpensive and available at most craft stores.  Serve up the sundaes in black & white striped Chinese take-out containers and attached yellow napkins and a spoon to each.  This look is reminiscent of the referee and his flag.  Take-out containers work perfectly for a viewing party since guests can eat on the go and in front of the tv –  causing ‘no delay of game’.  They save you money since they double as your decorations and time since serving them this way means no dishes to wash.  Make sure to purchase containers with seamless bottoms so there are no leaks (we found the ones above at

  • How to make: Fudge Brownie Footballs
    Bake a tray of brownies. Allow to cool thoroughly. Cut tray into quarters and remove entire piece, section by section from pan. Use a drinking/juice glass, depending on size you want, place mouth of glass over brownie. Position glass so side and top are just at edge of section, press one side of the glass to cut the top of your football. Flip your piece and repeat on opposite side of brownie, creating your brownie football shape.  Decorate by piping laces with white frosting. Repeat with remaining section of brownie.


Don’t forget a Fourth Quarter Finish with Popcorn

The game can go late and after the dessert is done your guests may still want some munchies.  Popcorn is the perfect food for a viewing party.  Pop up microwave bags for individuals or to share. It’s delicious, fun food that feeds a crowd for just a few bucks!  Check out these  bags from Orville Redenbacher.  The NEW Pop-Up Bowl, is the same great popcorn, same price but it pops into a bowl and that means less work for you.

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  1. Thank you so much for all these great ideas! Your blog has perfect snack and entrée recipes the football party my wife and I are hosting! We’re inviting all my friends and coworkers from DISH, and we’ve turned our basement into the perfect football headquarters. With my DISH Hopper, I have three TVs hooked up, one to each tuner, that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time in full HD! Our guests support a bunch of different teams: Broncos, Patriots, Bears, Raiders, even a Cowboys fan. This will give everyone a chance to root for their favorite team! Thanks again for the ideas!

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  4. Sounds wonderful!! I heard you did fantastic on the Today Show. I am without power and not in a place with TV… but can’t wait to see some taped versions of it!! Congrats!!

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  7. I love these ideas!! I especially love the Greek Salad Skewer idea, I would have never thought of it. And guacamole and hummus… both of my favorites!

  8. The brownies look delicious. No one in my house is into sports so I will have to find an excuse to make those and eat them. 🙂

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