Tips For Creating An Amazing Outdoor Party Space!

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OUTDOOR PARTIES can be easy and enjoyable when you are prepared and have a great plan.  At Party Bluprints we are sure of this, and when it comes to outdoor parties it’s essential to create a footprint for entertaining.   A footprint is unique to you and when creating it you need to factor in your own personal style, budget and space constraints.  To help you get started we partnered with Kmart to come up with wonderful ways for you to transform your outdoor space. Kmart’s Outdoor Living products made each one of our tips beautiful and budget friendly.    Below we feature Kmarts’ NEW looks from La-Z-Boy Outdoor, Jaclyn Smith Today’s World, Kenmore and Country Living – in store and online for you.   Then, when you have finished designing your space get FIRED UP for a Backyard BBQ! Host a party for friends and family with our Outdoor Entertaining Party Bluprint.  We have simple and special recipes, tips and ideas for you to host the best party of the season!

GET READY! Here are the tips and tools you will need to build your own personal footprint for your party. There is no place like HOME for Outdoor Entertaining!

First, think about your space, everyone’s is different.   If you live in a big city, your outdoor space may consist of a terrace balcony.   If you live in a rural area, you may have many acres to party on!  Both situations present their own challenges and we are here to help.

SMALL SPACE: When space is an issue, stick to the basics. Buy a great table and chairs and don’t clutter the space with lots of extras. A round table works best in small spaces because you can fit more chairs, therefore guests at your table.   If you live in the concrete jungle, think about bringing nature to your party scene with potted or hanging plants, or maybe potted a tree if you have the room.  String up little white lights, they work great against the backdrop of a dark sky and create a vacation vibe for the evening!  If you are incorporating cushions or pillows, go monochromatic and stick with solids so you don’t overwhelm the space.

LARGE SPACE: If you have lots of outdoor space, guests may wander.   You need to create a party perimeter.  This will keep guests together, encourage conversation, increase the energy level, and overall create better party vibe.  Use planters, potted plants or flowers to decorate and outline the footprint of you party space.  You can also achieve this with lanterns, lumieres and torches – which are also perfect for setting the scene at night.  Bring fun to your space with bright colors and fun patterns on cushions, umbrellas and pillows.  With lots of room you can create tented areas, they define your space and create shaded areas for guest to enjoy.


  • A great grill is essential!  Select a grill with ample space and a burner.  It can keep you out of a hot kitchen this season and outdoors with your guests.
  • Have a fall back plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans.  Where will guests go so the party doesn’t need to end?  Tents work well or you don’t want to move the party inside.  Although, it’s more complicated, you can also decide on a rain date in advance of you party.  If you go this route make the call on canceling it early and check with guests’ availability on the alternative date.
  • Use umbrellas, cushions and pillows to bring pops of color and comfort to your party space. Make sure to keep them looking bright all season by storing them out of the sun and weather, when not in use.
  • Every party needs flowers!






  • Use outdoor lights, lanterns and torches to keep the party going when it gets dark.

  • Keep beverages cool. There’s nothing worse than lukewarm or hot beverages on a hot day. Make sure you have more than enough ice to continually replenish the supply. General rule of thumb is 2 lbs. of ice per person.
  • Transform your outdoor space into a room with comfortable seating and vignettes for conversation.
  • Tenting and umbrellas are a great way to create a party space and to keep guests cool.
  • For larger parties, like those summer family reunions, make sure to have plenty of seating and places to put down drinks and plates. Cool retro tables and chairs in fun colors and bar seating will bring more personality to your party!


Check out our Fired-Up Outdoor Party Bluprint! >

We received compensation from Kmart for our original tips and ideas.  We hope you enjoy!

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  11. Amy says:

    Love your ideas! We have a pretty good amount of space out back and this has given me some great ideas to spruce it up!

  12. Shanaka says:

    Great tips, I’m pondering my deck/ back yard area with your ideas. Thanks!

  13. Rebecca Parsons says:

    i am sweeping the lanai and cleaning the grill!!! party time!!!

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