Tweet Up Party by Partybluprints – Digital sharing meets In Real Life sharing!

It’s a NEW year, it’s a NEW you, it’s a NEW way share and be social!

This year Elizabeth and I are planning something NEW, we will proudly be posting and hosting events and parties designed to help you bring your online world to LIFE and celebrate it! It’s the next generation of social, where digital sharing becomes in real life sharing. We are bringing it full circle. You live life everyday, then you share it online with people who matter to you, now think about the opportunity to meet these virtual friends and spend time with them in real life.  On a daily basis, we enjoy the camaraderie and support of online friends.  Many are colleagues in our shared virtual workspace, others have become friends we see frequently, many more are women, I personally would love to spend time with and get to know better.  That being said the time has come for the digital and physical worlds to collide.
Tweet-ups are a great example of a simple ‘Digital Meets Physical’ event. It’s a great place to start, so here are some simple party tips for you to host one of your own. Let your followers know you’d like to meet up, pick a place that’s good for everyone, meet at a local restaurant or host if you feel comfortable. You may have to wait for friends to visit your area, attend a conference or travel for work – if you try, you can make it happen.  (ps think… Facebook Face-to-Faces, Pinterest Parties, Linkedin Luncheons, Google+ Get-Togethers, etc…)

TWEET-UP Cocktails & Cupcakes Party

Keep it simple and keep it to 2 hours for the 1st Tweet-Up, you can always plan another!

Make it special and serve cocktails and cupcakes.  Provide name tags for everyone – sometimes our profile pictures are from a few years ago, wink, wink.  Decorations are optional, but if you decide to go this route (we love it!), here’s some inspiration.


Stay tuned – over the course of the year we ‘ll show you different ways to connect offline with your online circle.  We’re so very excited and hope you are too!




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