White Rose Cranberry Flower Arrangements

White Rose Cranberry Arrangement

In our book, Plan To Party, flowers are a must, especially at the holidays. If you would like to move beyond the traditional poinsettias or want to incorporate fresh flowers on a small scale without breaking the bank, we have a simple and special DIY how-to deck your halls this season.plantp

Instead of going red and green with the flowers, we transitioned the “red” to the vase and featured simple white roses seemingly nestled in the cranberries. You can use any size glass container and create multiple arrangements — all you need are cranberries and roses to create these simply festive special touches for your tables, buffets, bar cart, cocktail table, and powder room. If hosting overnight guests, a small arrangement on their bedside night table if a thoughtful way to say welcome.

White Rose Cranberry Flower Arrangements

(Makes 1)


  • 3 roses
  • 1/2 bag of cranberries
  • 3” x 3” glass cylinder vase


  1. Fill glass cylinder vase almost to the top with cranberries — you want the cranberries to be packed into the vase so you won’t see the flower stems.
  2. Add water to the cranberry filled vase and set aside.
  3. Remove roses from the packaging and cut roses to height of vase — as it stands straight up in vase, the bottom the flower should be slightly taller than the lip of the vase. Remove any leaves from rose that would be in the water when inserted in vase. Arrange roses in cranberry filled vase.

cran jars

Note: if you wanted to create a larger centerpiece, use a 5” x 5” glass cylinder vase, fill with one bag of cranberries and nine roses. One by one, arrange roses in the vase, I like starting from the outside and lining the circumference of the vase with roses and then fill in the middle. 


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