Winter Olympic Vodka Ice Bar and Viewing Party Tips!


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We love celebrating the Olympics (we’re a little partial to the Winter Olympics as we are big hockey families), but the real thrill comes from watching all the hopeful athletes proudly representing their countries and going for their moment of glory,  after a lifetime of training and sacrifice.

The mood surrounding the Olympics is contagious – so spread the spirit by hosting an Winter Olympics Viewing Party. Whether you plan your viewing party for the Opening Ceremony or a specific event, celebrate the dedicated athletes of the winter games, their hopes and dreams, and cheer them on from home!

To kick-off the excitement of hosting your party, we’re putting the “Fun Factor” first. In honor of the Winter Olympics, we created an outdoor Ice Vodka Bar. Here’s the easy how-to below, followed by more tips and inspiration for making your party a winner.


How-to make your own Vodka Ice Bar

  1. Create the foundation for your Ice Vodka Bar by making a 6”-10” layer of snow on top of your outdoor table.
  2. Plunge the vodka bottles into the snow (you can feature your favorite vodkas or try a few new ones – we just tried Zyr, a Russian Vodka, very clean.)
  3. Insert shot glasses in a straight line in front of the bottles.
  4. Leave a few faux fur blankets by the door for guests who want to run out to the bar without bundling up in their coat.
  5. When guests arrive, invite them to visit your Vodka Ice Bar at their convenience to toast the Winter Olympics.

Fun Add-ons:

  1. Set up a photo op by the ice bar by sticking a few pairs of skis and poles in the snow and offer ski goggles, faux Olympics medals, fur hats, etc. (you can also set up a photo op inside in front a large American flag hung on the wall.)
  2. Include a pitcher/thermos of Spiked White Russians {pictured above – recipe here>} at your Vodka Ice Bar.

Tips for planning a fun and festive Winter Olympics Viewing Party:

1.  Select a date: Choose the Opening Ceremony on February 7th or event (Hockey, Skiing, etc.) that is being televised at a time that works for your schedule to invite some friends over for a viewing party. Check here for tv schedule Women’s Ski Jumping is making its debut – cheer on these Olympians who are making history!

2.  Invite Info: On the invite, share with guests party details.  This is where you can have some fun and invite guests to wear USA inspired outfits/accessories or event inspired garb.

  • Tease your party by noting there will be an outdoor “Vodka Ice Bar” guests can visit, but make sure to be clear that the party will be inside where it’s nice and warm. Tell guests to bring a fun fur accessory (hat, infinity scarf, boots, etc.) that they can don to visit the Bar.
  • If your party falls between meals, let guests know if you’ll be serving “Lite Bites & Cocktails” or whether they should “come hungry.” Oftentimes, guests are unsure whether to eat a meal before coming to the party, so give them a heads up.

3. Prepare a viewing area so guests who want to watch the event can do so comfortably. Quick tips:

  • Make sure your television and or sound system is in good working order.
  • Focus on your “viewing area”.
  • Create a comfortable viewing area in which all seats allow for a good view of the televised event.
  • Bring in extra chairs, stools, ottomans, beanbag chairs, and oversized pillows for additional seating.
  • One of the greatest treats growing up was eating in front of the television; so indulge your guests and make it easy for them to dine by offering surfaces and coasters for guests to rest glasses and plates while viewing.

4. Make what you can ahead of time so you can be a relaxed host and enjoy your guests and the game.

5. Decorate with your country’s flag. Display miniature flags in a container in viewing area so guests can cheer on their team. Hang a large one in the viewing area or behind the buffet. Fill in corners of viewing area with skis and hockey sticks. Anchor buffet with a set of figure/hockey skates.

6. Display food and drink bars in another room so guests can mingle and help themselves at their convenience and tune in and out as they please.

7. Serve easy to eat finger foods. Avoid a menu that requires sitting at a table with utensils since this party is all about viewing.

8. Put a large mat at door so guests can wipe their feet as re-enter your home from the Vodka Ice Bar.

Schedule of events at SOCHI Winter Games:



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