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Our Good Day NY segment…

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We have been listening and we hear you loud and clear. You’re passionate about Valentine’s Day – some of you love it and some of you don’t! If you are one of those who feel it’s too commercial, too expensive or there is too much focus on romance, try our tips and give V-Day a “take-two”! We came up with a party idea that will melt even the biggest cynic’s heart.

This dessert and cocktail party is easy, less expensive than a full-blown affair and most importantly, it’s inclusive not exclusive.  You can host couples, ladies-only or mix it up and let everyone celebrate their love affair with chocolate. This Chocolate Soiree has 3 basic elements – Candlelight, Cabernet and Chocolate.  Start after the dinner hour and see how simple it is to share, have fun and indulge for the night.  Serve chocolate in all its sinful forms; baked, solid and liquid.  Pair the chocolate with a velvety smooth cabernet (we love Hess Select), and with traditional items (nuts, orange, raspberry, etc.) and the unexpected (bacon and chile) to create a sumptuous spread your guests will love!  You can read the detailed Chocolate Soiree party plan (our bluprint) in Plan To Party.

Where to find the products we featured on Good Day New York:

1. CocoLuxe Fine Pastries, Peapack, New Jersey,

  • Chocolate Raspberry Heart-shaped Cake
  • Dark chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate dipped candied orange slices
  • Dark chocolate almond bark
  • French macaroons

2. Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven, New York, New York,

  • Bon-bons
  • Wicked Hot Chocolate
  • “Dangerously Dark” chocolate bar

3. Vosges, Haute Chocolat, Red Fire Bar, 55% Cacao, Exotic Candy Bar, Vosges Haute Chocolate, New York, New York,

4. Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, California,

5. For a list of the Top 50 loves songs for your party go>


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  1. I just want to lay on that table and have someone drop all the goodies in my mouth. The segment was great! Craving chocolate and putting the diet on hold for today!

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