My Three Wishes for New Year’s Eve

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1. Prosecco instead of Champagne

Prosecco is an Italian wine – generally a dry sparkling wine[1] – made from a variety of white grape of the same name.

The name is derived from the northern Italian village of Prosecco, where the grape is believed to have originated.[2] The wine is also known under the name of ghera, glera, grappolo spargolo, prosecco balbi, prosecco bianco, prosecco tondo, proseko, sciorina or serprina.

2. Sweet Treats

Serve your guests doughnuts with their champagne at midnight. Many cultures believe that anything in the shape of a ring is good luck because it symbolizes “coming full circle”, completing a year’s cycle. Further, the Dutch believe that eating doughnuts on New Year’s Day will bring good fortune.


3. Tattoos

I  love these Mulit colored jewel tattoos. They are totally hip for ringing in the New Year in style! You can purchase temporary tattoos at your local party supply store and we have seen everything from the ones shown below to tattoos bracelets that say “2009″.


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