5 Hot Summer Trends For Teens!


Today, I’m so proud to introduce my niece Madison here at The Party Bluprints Blog. She will be posting this summer and adding her perspective on teen trends for everything from food to fashion

1. Half Rings
This trend is so easy to wear and looks so cool.  You don’t need to buy a new ring, you can use one you already own by placing it halfway down a finger that’s bigger.   You can also start wearing rings that don’t fit again!


3. The Bandeau Bathing Suit Top
A new trend this summer that looks and feels so different from the regular triangle bikini tops.  I love the trend and own the 3 tops pictured above.


2. Shorts with Lace
This trend takes plain cut-off jean shorts and turns them into a pretty piece for summer.  I love wearing them!

4. 5 Seconds Of Summer  

The cool Australian pop punk and pop rock band is super hot this summer.  They are similar to One Direction, and are opening for them on tour this month.  I loved them in concert!

5. Henna Tattoos
Henna tattooing is a great activity for birthday parties!  The henna tattoo shown above is one of the more simple designs and I think it’s perfect for younger girls. source: http://bouncearoundjumpers.webs.com/hennatattoo.htm
Madison Leigh loves family, the beach. and running.  She has an special eye for Teen Trends and we are proud to present her REAL GIRL picks here on The Party Bluprints Blog.

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