Bubbly Holiday Hostess Essentials!


With the holidays on the horizon, we thought we’d share some pretty and practical party essentials for the Bubbly hostess!


1. A pair of flats to change into as the night goes on, and they must be fabulous!  We love these fun flats: The toast flats from Kate Spade view>  $228.00

2. To be on time, when serving and preparing food for guests.  We love the brilliant timepiece above, it sparkles festive jewelry all night long: Multi Glitter Metro Grand – Kate Spade view>  $225.00

3. To keep in touch with guests and caterers who may need her and of course she needs to snap a few great party shots on Instragram!  The pop fizz clink resin iphone 5 case from Kate Spade view>  $20.00 dresses up your iphone for a party!

4. To serve the best bubbly.  In our opinion Veuve Clicquot Champagne tops the list!

5. To add special touches to her party.  We love this Pop. Fizz. Clink. Digital pint available at Etsy ( view>  $4.56).  It will set the right vibe at your bar!

 Cheers to a great party!

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