The Hottest Picks For Summer 2016

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6 Hot Looks and Cool Products For Summer 2016

Please enjoy this post from our contributor Madison Leigh.  We love each one of these hot summer looks and cool products. They’re great for women of any age!

1. Floppy Hats – Floppy hats in my opinion look amazing on a beach or any “summer-y” place! They protect you from the sun more than your average baseball cap and are a lot more stylish. I have been starting to see more and more people styling this classy hat on the beach and I love the new trend.


2. Colorful Sunglasses – Why not style your sunglasses colorfully while protecting your eyes at the same time? Colored sunglasses brighten your summer day and look original. While visiting California this June, I saw several girls styling sunglasses with a pop of color. Otis Eyewear is by far one of my favorite sunglass companies. Otis creates premium eyewear with high quality, optically-correct, mineral glass lenses. Their new Mineral Glass Eyewear, also known as their “seaglass collection” feature simple light pastel colors. Below, Samantha Gerard styling the “Mona.” It is a matte lavender frame and the lens is a “cool grey” color.


3. Stacking Rings – Although, I always style the “one ring on a finger” look I think stacking rings looks so original. Personally, I prefer to take one thin and simple ring and pair it with a thicker ring on the same finger. If you’re looking for a nice ring to jazz up the “double stacking” look, I recommend Pandora.  They are my “go-to rings.” In the picture below, I’m wearing a Pandora on the bottom and a simple thin ring on the top, that I bought at a little jewelry stand in NYC.


4. Unbeadlievable Jewelry – If you are into simple and beautiful jewelry Unbeadlievable Jewelry should be your new “go-to.” Not only are their items reasonably priced they looks AMAZING. Their chokers are my personal favorite to wear and there are so many options to choose from. The majority of their jewelry is priced at $20 and below, and I definitely recommend their pieces. I wear my chokers all the time! You can follow the brand on instagram at @unbeadlievable_  and be sure to visit the Unbeadlievable website. I’m currently wearing and the “center pearl.”


5. Homemade “smoothie bowls” – Smoothie bowls totally get me in the summer mood especially because they are healthy. If you’re looking for ways to keep your belly from not grumbling 2 hours after breakfast, smoothie bowls will keep you full till lunch. This is definitely my favorite breakfast food. My smoothie recipe includes one banana and a few strawberries, 1 cup of crushed ice, almond milk (you can also use orange juice, Pom juice, or even water), and plain vanilla Greek yogurt. After you blend your smoothie, put it in a small bowl and top it with your favorite granola and some extra bananas. If you like Nutella, try drizzling it on top – it makes your bowl look and taste amazing!


6. Sun Bum (sunscreen) – If you’re looking for a sunscreen that doesn’t smell like sunscreen, Sun Bum is perfect for you. It smells amazing! I have used the coconut sunscreen and it is by far my favorite scent. We all want to enjoy the warm summer weather but in order to do that we need to protect ourselves from things like skin cancer, and wrinkles.  Sun Bum has been tested and approved and is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.



Post by MADISON LEIGH:  Madison Leigh loves family, the beach, and running.  She has a special eye for Teen Trends and we are proud to present her REAL GIRL picks here on The Party Bluprints Blog.

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