How to Shine this Holiday Party Season


Here is a festive fashion post from Elizabeth.  Enjoy!

It’s official – the holiday party season is here! Whether a guest or host, one of the biggest stressors can be “what to wear”, particularly if left to the last minute. Frantically rifling through the closet, panicked and desperate, only to find yourself late and dissatisfied with “your look”, is no way to prepare for a party. Polish off this head to toe checklist and you and your party spirit will shine all season long.

  • A solid foundation – Shop your closet. Select two basic outfits (one dressy and one casual), that make you feel good (fits well, comfortable, flattering). *Your little black dress and “go to” outfit (favorite pants/skirt and top) are a good place to start. Add a jacket or sweater to your foundation, and, voilà, another outfit! **Don’t delay dry cleaning or repair. Do it now – there’s nothing worse than discovering the outfit you counted on wearing is dirty or damaged, bah humbug.
  • Metallic Accessories – add shine and sparkle to your outfit. Find an eye-catching accessory (necklace, ring, pin, bracelet, headband, purse, belt) you love and transform your blank canvas into a wow holiday outfit. *Resist any inclination to overdue, you want to look brilliant, not blinding.
  • Party Shoes – this beloved accessory is a great way to express yourself. Shoes can make or break your look and holiday spirit. *Don’t wear shoes for the first time to a holiday party, test drive them at home. Most holiday parties involve “on your feet mingling”, so consider if your spectacular shoes are “wearable” (bearable) for a few hours of standing. If they’re killing your feet before you leave the house, they’re not going to feel any better at the party.
  • Smile & Festive Spirit – Nothing lights up a party like a host or guest who is shining from the inside out. Prepare yourself properly for a party to look and feel great. Don’t forget your most important holiday party accessory – your radiant smile and sparkling spirit. Cheers!

1. Little Black Dress. Choose a neckline, hemline and style that is comfortable and flattering on you, it’s different for everyone.

2. Cardigan over little black dress creates another outfit.

3. Shimmering jacket adds pizzazz to your favorite pair of jeans and tank.

4. Metallic accented pearl necklace is the perfect accessory to spice up your Little Black Dress or dress up your casual outfit.

5. All that glitters…who wouldn’t feel good holding this clutch?

6. Sparkling bangles just feel and look like a party.

7. Detailed metallic sandals make a statement.

8. Every girl needs a favorite pair of black heels (peep-toe, sandal, pump – it’s up to you and your personal style).

9. Paired with anything from a dress to jeans, these shoes scream fun!

*Looking for other metallic accessories, try J. Crew, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, White House Black Market.

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  1. Choose from festive designs of wreaths, stockings, holly leaves, reindeer, ornaments and Christmas trees to coordinate with your party theme. Fashion Week

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