What To Pack For The 3 Top US Vacation Destinations


Summer is here and Americans by the thousands are taking planes, trains and automobiles to visits the nation’s top vacation destinations.  If you are headed to one of the top 3 this season, we have the look you will want to wear! Shop these looks with our eBay guide here> 

We picked three of the most popular summer destinations for 2015 and created luxe looks that can all be purchased at eBay.com.  Some are vintage (Chanel) others are brand new (Tory and Givenchy.) Regardless of whether you’re planning to take your party on the road and visit National Parks, enjoy the ritz and glitz of Vegas, or mellow out in Maui, we’ve got some glam to take with you. These looks may inspire a trip for some, for those who have already planned, get shopping so packing and dressing will be easy, fun and fabulous!


Here’s a peek at the looks you can create by shopping our ebay guide.

1. Glamping Look for the 150th birthday of Yosemite National Park – Yosemite, CA



2. Lady Luck Look for Las Vegas, Nevada


3. Island Girl Glam for Maui, Hawaii


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