The Perfect Jewelry for Foodies!

delicacies jewelry

Jewelry for every taste from sweet pineapples to spicy chili peppers!

This summer whether you’re hosting a barbecue or attending one, dress for the occasion with Delicacies Jewelry bracelets and gold pendants. Each bracelet and necklace displays an epicurean ingredient of your choosing. With so many cool summer options such as, artichoke, corn, octopus, crab, lobster, pineapple, and tomato, your accessory game is sure to get just as many compliments as the chef! Both the bracelets and necklaces can be layered to mix and match ingredients together. They also make a very special and gorgeous gift for foodie family and friends.

delicacies bracelets

I love the bracelets and think they look great in multiples. However, my hands down favorite is the pineapple – I’m now obsessed with the gold pineapple pendant. As someone who loves to entertain at home, it’s meaning is special and to me.

pinapple delicacies

Here the bonus: not only will you look great you will be doing good. For every bracelet purchased Delicacies will donate at least ten meals to a hunger relief organization with whom they are currently partnered.

giving-backEach year, Delicacies partners with three well-known, talented chefs who comprise their Chef’s Table, the conduit for charitable giving.  At the perennial head of Delicacies’ Chef’s Table sits Andrew Zimmern: entrepreneur, chef, traveler, TV host, culinary thought leader. As the head of of the brand’s giving efforts, Andrew curates the Chef’s Table, making the giving as impactful as possible.

It’s simple: Wear generosity. Feed (your) humanity. Delicacies Dollars to fight hunger. Shop Now>

nicolle2-1I’m also please to share a little about the gorgeous founder of Delicacies, Nicole Nelson and her thoughts behind the brand:

“Food is a way of knowing ourselves and relating to others. It’s a lens through which we see the world; a principle to organize the chaos, the noise, the suffering, the joys and rituals and everyday adventures. We can connect with different cultures through food, and afterwards realize that we aren’t so different after all. For all of us everywhere, the conversations we have over a communal meal bring meaning and order and joy to our lives.

Delicacies is a dream that I am so excited to realize. I love the idea of ingredients as pretty, wearable tokens that bring us home, in an instant, wherever we need to be. Delicacies is about finding your center, with food as your guide. It’s about honoring and respecting simple ingredients, and recognizing a bit of ourselves in them. We are food lovers, story tellers, knowledge gatherers on a long journey. I hope you’ll come along.”


Let me know your favorite?

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