Red Carpet Party Hair In Minutes! #secretextensions


How to get red carpet party hair in just minutes – really!

After a really long winter of Polar Votexes, Blasts and Nor’easters,  I for one need a quick pick me up! Here’s one I thought I would share, as it’s a simple way to change your look and MOOD in just a few minutes.  It’s cool NEW hair extension product that’s perfect for busy women who want a quick and simple way to have a great hair day without investing a ton of time and money.  It’s called Secret Extensions and I was privy to a real look at the product through Hollywood Hot Moms, a site where we’re now contributing party tips and advice.  Secret Extensions is endorsed by the gorgeous Daisy Fuentes, – check out her video below. 

The real ‘Secret’ to these extensions is a revolutionary patented headband. You simply place it on your hair like a headband and pull your own hair over it and you get thicker, fuller, longer hair in seconds.  It’s also incredibly easy to put on and work into your own hair and it does make a dramatic difference. The video above is really true to my own experience.  I would only add that the band is not completely invisible, but it’s pretty darn close.  I think Secret Extensions are well worth the $39.99 – it does come with a money back guarantee if you don’t!

I have a Free Shipping Link & Code to share with you>  Secret The promo code to activate free shipping is “daisy”


If you Secret Extensions a try, we would love to see your photo.  Send them to and we will post them below.  Here are some of the real women and influencers who have tried them to date….


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