Rules of the Little Black Dress


The party must go on! Nicole here from–I’m filling in for the lovely Dawn who is very busy recovering from the hurricane and trying to right her world at the moment. Since the PartyBluPrints team sets the bar so high when it comes to the food portion of entertaining, I’m not even going to attempt to go there. Instead, I’m going to stick to my comfort zone. Fashion.

What’s that you say? There are actual rules when it comes to fashion! Well, we’re not going to fine you if you show up to a party poorly dressed–but let me tell you, you’ll enjoy yourself even more at an event if you feel fabulous. Here’s how to stay out of fashion jail.

Rule 1: Always, and I mean always have a great-fitting Little Black Dress in your closet. Don’t wait for the occasion. When you find a dress that fits buy it, get it altered and have it ready. The party invite will come. I promise.

Rule 2: Don’t cop out when it comes to accessories. This is your chance to let your personality shine. Love vintage jewelry? Wear it! I think you need at least one piece of statement jewelry to turn a dress into an outfit. Pick from dangly earrings, a statement necklace or bangles.

Rule 3: Put away the everyday. That means your everyday handbag and your everyday watch. I love thrift stores for evening bags–you can usually score one in fabulous condition for just a few dollars. Go with a clutch–it’s the perfect proportion for a LBD.

Rule 4: People will notice your shoes. A basic black pump is fine, but why not try a metallic shoe? Head to DSW or Kohl’s and find a sparkly, trendy pair. It’s the perfect way to be trendy without looking like a fashion victim.

Rule 5: Spend a moment on your hair. Remember what I said about skipping the everyday? Same goes for your hair. I’m not going to tell you to glom on tons of makeup, but I will say this, an updo will make you feel party-fabulous. Master a French Twist or bun and tuck in a few jeweled pins and you are ready.

With these 5 rules, you’ll be ready to party in style this holiday season.

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  1. Great rules – thanks for sharing! And a good LBD is worth its weight in gold. Now to find a must have statement necklace.

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