10 Tips For Hosting A Party When The Power Goes Out!


Disclosure:  Party Bluprints Inc. has partnered with APC by Schneider Electric to bring you great party advice as part of the #NoWIFI campaign.  As always, the opinions are expressly our own.

As seasoned hostesses, we have plenty of stories to share of instances involving “unforeseen” circumstances before or during party time. Whether it’s summer with its hurricanes and brown-outs, or winter with snow storms and squalls, each season can deliver weather that’s a real party pooper!  Two special events in our Party Bluprints family were affected by hurricanes.  In both cases, these events were planned months in advance and required family to travel from other states.  A rain date was not an option for either of us and we had overnight guests to boot!  Hurricane Irene happened to be the first guest at Alexandra Mascali’s sweet sixteen surprise party, and it was Hurricane Earl who ended up being an unwanted guest at a 70th Birthday Party for Nana at the Sandomeno’s house.  Both these weather events resulted in loss of power and wifi and presented challenges for us as hosts.

That’s one of the reasons we were excited to partnered with APC by Schneider Electric and try out a few of their products. The APC Back UPS Connect was one we were particularly interested in, and is now one we rely upon as a “secret weapon” to keep our parties going in the event of power loss.


What is APC Back UPS Connect?  It’s a network battery backup with USB charging ports. So everyday you can hook up your router to the APC  by Schneider Electric unit to stay connected.  It has surge protection for your devices from surges and spikes in power, and two convenient USB ports for mobile devices.  All this is great for everyday, and for power outages during party time it also serves as a great back up!

Don’t disappoint family, friends and guests – be prepared and plan to party no matter what the forecast!



Tip #1 – Keep a sense of humor. A host sets the tone for the party, so when something unpredictable occurs, remain calm and make light of the situation. Here are a few tips to help you spring into action to keep the party going.

Tip #2 – Turn up the tunes. Nothing relaxes guests like some upbeat music so pull out a back up power source with a USB port and play some music (we love the APC Back UPS Connect that will keep the playlist on your smart phone playing for hours.)

Tip #3 – Warm guests’ bellies. No power means no electric stove or microwave. A battery operated Crock Pot or an indoor approved butane stove can heat party food if necessary.

Tip #4 – Break out the beverages. If you’re in a cold weather climate, consider storing beverages in garage or in a bucket just outside the door so you’re not constantly opening the refrigerator door (with a power outage you’ll want to minimize the opening of the refrigerator to keep contents cold.) If power will be out for a prolonged period, stash perishables in coolers and store outside if temp is below 32 degrees.

Tip #5 – Pull out the plastic. Use disposable cups, plates and utensils that can be disposed of instead of washed. No electric means no dishwasher!

Tip #6 – Dress your home for dusk. Turn on all your battery operated candles and if necessary supplement with additional candlelight, don’t forget to light the powder room. Be careful to keep candles high and out of the reach of any children who may be at the party. Also, remember not to leave candles in rooms not attended by adults.

Tip #7 – Dancing in the dark. Once your guests are fed, get your groove on. Clear a space for a dance floor, light perimeter with battery operated candles and have some fun (it’ll also warm everyone up if it’s getting cool inside.)

Tip #8 – Flashlights are functional and fun. Play “Guess the Shadow” party game using a flashlight and your hands for some good old fashioned fun. Glow sticks also make a “lights out” situation less scary for kids. If you know that a storm may impact your party prepare by stocking up on both, plus bottled water and non-perishables.

Tip #9 – Stay connected. Keep guests informed on conditions that caused power outage so they can plan accordingly. Having access to your Wifi is critical should weather turn dangerous. Let guests use your APC Back UPS Connect to charge their phones so they can stay connected to loved ones and important news.

Tip #10 – Fuel the fireplace. If the power goes out in cold weather, use your fireplace (if you have one) to keep guests cozy. Keep an ample supply of wood that’s ready to go should you need it. A fire is also a great way to serve dessert – s’mores are a classic favorite so it’s easy to inventory ingredients for emergencies!


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